Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How I Organize my Distress Oxide Inks and Distress Inks

I finally got my long awaited 12 new Distress Oxide inks this week.  I preordered them with along with the 12 new reinkers.  For the rest of this post, I will just say Oxide inks and Distress inks will refer to the older distress inks.  
I wanted to label my oxides like I had my distress inks.  My only problem with my previous labels was that they were just a dot. The dot didn't show as much color as I liked.  Oxides really are amazing, so I wanted to show that on my labels.   I wanted to show  the color while my oxides were in my Stamp N Storage ink pad holders . I needed/ wanted something bigger on the side of my ink pads.  I found the perfect solution:   
As with any storage option, I think it's important to keep in mind, how do you use the supplies? That's the first step when I think about before I begin organizing.  How do I use this item?  What makes the most sense?  What about this item is important for me to know when I crafting?  How would I try to find this item?  Some easy examples are:  With Designer Series Paper:  I craft with my papers by manufacture.  This is how my brain works for me.  Other people craft by color.  Other people craft by size.  So, with the  answers of the questions I ask myself, in mind, I set out to organize my items.   Today I am sharing what works for ME.  This may or may not work for you depending on how you use your oxides.  

For me, the magic of Oxides is the way they react to water.  I needed to see that reaction to know whether or not I want to use that color.  I NEEDED the water reaction as part of my label on the outside of the pads.  You can't see the top of the pad inside a stamp pad holder, AND... I have found out, that the color that I create often doesn't match the label on front of the Oxide or Distress inks. To me, it's the "puddles" of darker color and areas of lighter color that makes the distress and oxides so unique.  I couldn't get this all on a little dot that I had used in the past.  I wanted a good size label on the sides.

This is what I used in the past.  As you can see, you can't see the variations of the color on this dot.  Time to revamp what I used!!!

For this project I used scraps of watercolor paper.  I use tons of watercolor paper for projects and I always save the scraps.  This was a perfect project to use those scraps up.  I used watercolor paper since I was creating a label showing the Oxides.  For each sample:  I smooshed the oxide to my crafting mat.  Then squirted the ink patch with water.  I took my strip and pressed it into the ink and dried it.  Then I did it again with the left over ink, drying it again.  Then I repeated it again.  While this sounds like a lot of work, it's not.  But it uses up the ink on my mat, but more importantly it gives me variations in the color on my strip.  This is often how I use oxides and distress inks.  I normally smoosh them onto my craft mat, mist with water and then dip my paper into it.  The key to this is:  YOU MUST DRY YOUR PAPER BETWEEN DIPS!!!!   This gives me the variation of color on the sample!  Very important because the variation of color looks very different from just spreading the ink on the sample.  And once again:  this is the technique I use most when I use oxides and distress inks.  This is what is important to me to see when I'm crafting!

This next step is to punch out the label from the sample once it is dipped and dried three times.  For this I found the word label punch to be a perfect fit.  This is an older retired punch from Stampin' Up. I will link the newer more modern punch that is now offered from Stampin' Up.  It will work the same.  But look through the punches you have to see what would work.  I initially thought of the washi tape punch to use, but I found this one first and it fit perfectly.  

After I punch the labels out, I punched four of each so I could have a label on each side of my ink pad, I ran the labels through my xryon machine to make them into stickers, then they were easy to adhere them to the ink pads.  You could use your favorite adhesive if you don't have a xyron machine.  

These are all the red oxides.  I love being able to see the variations of color.  The new oxides are a great addition to the collection!

These are the orange colored ones.  I often find myself asking: is this color more red or more orange?  More green or more blue?  Here's the answer:  How do YOU see the color?  How does the color make sense to you!  And that's how you should organize it!  I promise, the color police won't come to your house!  If you see something more green than I do, that's ok.  It's more important for crafters to USE what they have, then have everything perfect.  So do what works for you!  Don't stress about it.  

These are the yellows of the Oxides. 

This was on of my favorite combos once I saw them together.  Purple on purple....but they are so pretty together!  I see an amazing background on a Halloween card with the colors together...maybe with some Black Soot thrown in!!!

These are the blues of the Oxides.

These are the greens of the Oxides.  

These are the neutrals of the Oxides. 

All together in my Stamp N Storage ink pad holder

I decided I liked the labels so much more than my small dots:  I decided to replace my distress inks too.  I've started those as well.  This picture shows all the supplies I used.  I will link those below at no additional cost to you.   Notice all the different sizes strips I used of water color paper!  I was so happy to use them and to know my hoarding....I mean, collection of scraps of them was being put to use!

I used the same method for my distress inks:  I'm not done 100% yet but here are the oranges.

Here are the yellow distress inks.  

I hope this post was helpful for you.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for some great tips....for whenever I get some of these inks!

  2. Gorgeous! I love this and will be redoing mine in a similar way.

  3. Thank you so much! Everything is so clear and thank you for the links because I am going to be replacing my little dots with these too!

  4. Wonderful tutorial! I'm going to copycat your labels, meoww!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Fab ideas 💡 I just down load the blank labels and colour them up but never thought of wetting them xx


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