Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Coloring Technique with Copics

Happy Friday Blog Readers!  I am looking forward to this weekend, just to have a chance to catch up and get my craft room back in order.  Last weekend, I went to a crop with some girlfriends out of town.  It was a nice getaway and had a great time crafting with friends.  I didn't want to take a bunch of stuff with me since it was a day crop.  But I had to have enough to keep me busy all day long.  I decided that I would stamp and emboss some images and take my copics and spend the day coloring.  This was the first time I had done this.  I was nervous I would get bored, or I wouldn't have enough to keep me busy.  I found myself having a very relaxing time coloring and gabbing with my friends.  It was no stress.  I took my Ikea Raskog cart and one small 31 Bag and off I went.  It turned out to be the PERFECT crop plan!!!  I loved it!  I spend most of the day and night coloring.  I had my cross stitch bag with me, but only took it out the last hour.  I will definitely do that again! 
I decided to emboss my images because I was taking my "color medium Raskog cart".  Yes, I have multiple Raskog carts!  I have one cart that is all my coloring tools on it.  On the top: has my copics.  The second shelf has Stampin' Up markers, my Stampin' Up watercolor pencils, Tim Holtz Distress markers,  and various colored pencils tools.  The third shelf has my water colors, my brushes, my Inktense watercolor pencils, Prisma colored pencils and gel pens.  Everything I could need to color.  Since I have so many different ways to color, I embossed the images so I didn't have to worry about the image lines blurring if I watercolored or if I used copics.  No matter what medium I picked, my lines would be perfect.  
I colored and shaded and that was fun, relaxing.  But then I remembered watching a video, I'm pretty sure it was Jennifer McGuire's, where she "dotted" her images with alcohol markers.  I HAD to try it.  I must say, it is ADDICTING!!!  And very very relaxing! It takes a bit to get an image done, because the dots have to build up.  
I decided to take several Lawn Fawn images with me.  I love Lawn Fawn.  I never take the time to color when I'm at home, so this was a good crop project. 
With the dots, you can still shade.  You can create texture.  It's so much fun!!!

I stamped all these images on scrap white cardstock.  It is a perfect use of these scraps.  I always have a ton of white scraps.  I have the matching dies to all of these stamp sets, I will simply die cut the images out and add them to cards.  

On some of my scraps, you will notice little patches of color testing.  Since these images are going to be cut out, those test patches aren't a big deal.  I always feel like I need to see the color before I use it.  This helps me pick the color I want to use.  

I took all my images in my mesh bag.  I think I bought these in a local cross stitch store.  

I also took some Unity Stamp images.  These are very unusual stamps that I think are very fun!!  Can't wait to make these into cards.

Doesn't everyone have a toilet stamp??

This cutie is from a My Favorite Things set.  
Now this next imagine is up for debate.  I was trying to create a striped cat.....I think it is a fail!  LOL

I was so convinced I could make a striped cat, I tried twice.  Yea! or Nay?  
One of my favorite images done in the dots is the alligator.  I think he turned out perfectly!  I dotted with a light color, then went dark, then tried out a medium shade.  Then I would go back and add more colors where needed.  For some images, I used 5-6 colors.  For others I used just 3 colors.  

I think trees turn out really nice using this technique.  

Have you tried the dotted technique to color?  I think it works great on animals and trees.  I even worked on some more images once I got home!  It is very addicting.  Leave me a comment: what are your thoughts on the dotted coloring?

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Critters in the Jungle

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Critters Ever After

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Meow You Doin'

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Hang in There

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Critters from the Past

Lawn Fawn - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Critters in the Burbs

Hero Arts - Embossing Powder - Clear

Hero Arts - Wagner - HT400 Precision Heat Tool


  1. Love, love, love. I had so much fun dotting some of my images.

  2. I love these. There is a group in Facebook where people trade images and die cuts. I know I would love a couple if yours, but probably don't need them enough to buy the whole stamp set and dies.


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