Friday, June 23, 2017

Lawn Fawn & fun dotted Coloring with Copics

Happy Friday!  We made it through another work week!  This week has been very muggy but at least it has given me some good inside, in AC, crafting time.
Today I am sharing some cards that I finally put together.  That seems like an odd statement to make, but not if you craft like I do.  I craft in stages.  It's how my brain works.  First, I make a bunch of backgrounds.  I love to play with inks, embossing, or watercoloring.  For the first card, I used Tim Holtz Distress oxide inks.  
I made the second card's background using the Kuretake watercolor paints.  One night I might come home from work, and just play with some watercolors. Another night, I might play with distress inks.  I make a bunch of backgrounds, letting them dry overnight and put them aside for when I am going to put a card together.  This way, each night, I get a little crafting time!  My happy time!  When I'm making backgrounds, I'm not worried about how I will use them.  I will eventually make them into cards.  I'm just enjoying the process.  
Another night, I will go into my craft room  and just color.  Right now, I've been obsessed with using the dotting coloring's VERY technical......I dot color all over the image, combining shades of color.  LOL....very technical.  It's so relaxing to me.  I'm stuck on this method right now because I am enjoying it so much.  I have a large stack of images stamped onto white cardstock. I use my white cardstock scraps.  This is a great use for them.   I stamp several images on a sheet, keeping enough room to die cut out the images. It doesn't matter if the sheets can fit one or five images on them.  I use all my scraps!  Even those strips can fit a stamped image on them by turning the stamp sideways.   I have many matching dies for my stamps to cut out the images later on.    Or if anyone likes to fussy cut, you can also fussy cut  them.....I don't like to fussy cut, which why I buy matching dies.  I use versafine and heat emboss clear embossing powder over it.  I find that I like this method best.  It works no matter what color medium I decide to use (copics, watercolors, or colored pencils) and it gives the image a little "edge" that makes it easy to color.  It helps to stay in the lines so to speak.  
For any images that I don't have matching dies, I can use my Brother Scan n Cut or I leave enough room on my sheet to cut the image out with another die, such as a circle or oval die.  As I have taken over my kids' playroom, I don't have a dedicated area for my brother scan n cut, which is why I don't use it much.  But it is super easy to cut out an image.  I will grab it down and set it up when I don't have a matching die for a stamped image.  
Another night I will assemble cards.  I will take a background that I made previously, add an embellishment (for these examples, I used Lawn Fawn stamped images, and then I add a sentiment from my stamp sets using some more white cardstock scraps.  

For this example, I added some googly eyes to my dog.  He looks so cute!  I loved the intense color I got with my Kuretake watercolor set for the background. For watercoloring, I spray some water into the pans of color.  I let it sit for about 30 seconds or so....the more water you use, the less intense the color is.  Depends on what look you are going for but either way, watercolors are fun to play with.  I loved the blue on this card,  I thought it made the tree really stand out.  
This next card background uses the reactive tissue paper.  I made a bunch of these awhile back and still have lots left to use on cards.  I did a blog post on that awhile back, you can read about it:  HERE 

This was a background stamp that I embossed on a background.  It's one of my favorite backgrounds.  You will also note that not all my "animals" are colored in the "correct animal" colors.  What fun is that?!  Think outside the box!  Have fun with your coloring!  I love the bright pops of colored dinosaurs on this background.  It screams FUN!!!
Barney isn't the only purple dinosaur!!!  The dotting coloring technique makes it really fun to play!
And for my last card, I loved the intense colored background.  I kept the card simple but added some nuvo drops to the background.  
These were all fun cards to make.  Creating cards in steps makes the process for me, a lot of fun.  I can focus on each element and really enjoy playing!
How do you craft?  Do you make a card from start to finish?  Or do you craft like I do, in steps?  Leave me a comment!
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see you next week with some new projects!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cross Stitched Stamps- I'm LOVING them!!!

Any long time blog readers know that I love paper crafting but I also love cross stitching as well.  I have cross stitched for a long time.  I think I started when I was ten or so.  I wasn't very successful at finishing a project at ten, but I knew how to cross stitch, started a project.  I picked at cross stitch on and off but really cross stitched more after I got married.  It is my relaxation time.  I don't sit still watching tv ever, but I can sit through a show or movie if I cross stitch while watching.  I think it keeps my ADD in check ;) .  I always have a project....or two going.  
When I saw these great cross stitched images from Waffle Flower, I knew I had to get them......all of them!!!!  
Each of the images are layered stamps.  I loved that it gives the images lots of color!  I used my mini MISTI to line up the 2 step stamping and make it easy.  I could have used a regular block but I'll be honest, I'm not great at 2 step stamping so I always use my MISTI to do those type of images!  I love that the Waffle Flower set includes some add ons that I could add to the cactus like in the first photo.  In the second card, I kept the cactus plain.  I like them both ways so it was nice to have options.

I also liked the cross stitched flower set.  I added this image to some stamped velum background paper.  I just took some background stamps that I had and stamped them in versa mark on velum, then I heat embossed them.  I used a pearl embossing powder on these.  This is one of my favorite embossing powders, it really takes on a different look depending on the cardstock you use around it.  

For this card, I used some of my watercolored backgrounds that I made a while back.  I often "play" with backgrounds and have a bunch ready to pull add and make cards with.  I used the Kuretake Pearl watercolor paints to make this background.  

I liked the flower on the green background.  It made the flower leaves pop!  

Even though I made several of "the same card", I changed it up by using different colors of inks for the images, or different backgrounds, different cardstock, different nuvo drops.  It all made the cards fun to create.

I used Altenew inks for the images.  I love their inks for layered stamps.  

Now I'm sharing this card but it is not my favorite.  I was creating trying to make a shaker card with the tea set.  I think it needs something more to the background, but I thought I'd share it for the image coloring.
I liked this card better.  I think the tea bag is ADORABLE!!!!  

Since I shared all my cross stitched cards that I made recently, I should share my latest cross stitch project.  This is number 3 in a set of four for my cross stitch board.  If you haven't seen my cross stitch seasonal board before,  here are some blog posts showing it:

These are just a couple of posts, there are several others on my blog.  You can search for my cross stitch post using the search feature on the right hand side. 

This is a set for Christmas by Designworks called Oh Holy Night.  The pattern is a large pattern using a letter of the alphabet for every word for Christmas.  I am just pulling out four images I like to make for my board.  
Thanks for stopping by today.  

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Distress Inks VS Distress Oxide Inks : Color Comparison

Good morning!  I made a blog post last week about Oxide inks.  You can read it here:  Distress Oxides .  At that time, I said I wanted to make a post using the same colors of ink to show the differences.  That is what I am doing today.  

I used the same colors in Distress Oxides vs Distress Inks.  In this example I used: Peeled Paint, Cracked Pistachio, Broken China, and Faded Jeans.  The Oxides are in grey cases, the distress inks are in black cases.  

When you open the ink cases, you can see a difference in the colors.  The Oxides have more of a chalk look to the color.

I wanted to compare the inks using the same technique.  For these backgrounds, I am putting ink on my kraft mat, add water, and pressing my cardstock into the ink, drying as needed between layers.  Keep in mind, I do a ton of inking, so my kraft mat is stained, but this staining does not interfere with any inking I do...just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone wondered why my mat looked like that.  
Here's a tip I use with distress inks:
As you can see, when you press the ink onto your craft mat, it is hard to tell the colors apart.  To keep the colors right in my mind, I set the ink pads off to the side in the order they are on my mat.  while I'm working, if I want more of Peeled Paint, I can look at my ink pads, and know where the Peeled Paint color is exactly.  This helps me add the color that I want to add.  Sometimes, I want more of one color but not another.  

Showing step by step: I then lightly misted the ink splotches with water.  I start lightly as I can always add water later if I need it. 

I took my watercolor paper and pressed it into the ink splotches.  This is the first "layer".  Now it is important to dry in between layers.  If I were to put this paper right back into the wet ink, it would have a lot of water and tend to run the colors.  I dry it with my heat gun quickly to get ready for the next layer. 

This is the base once dried.  Ready for layer #2.

I once again pressed my watercolor paper into the ink splotches.  

I dried the paper using my heat gun again.  It doesn't have to be super dry, just enough that I'm not seeing water and wetness pooling on the top. Now here is where I stop with distress inks.  If I were to add more color, I would run the risk of muddy my colors.  I can see in a couple of areas, that my colors are running together.  Less is more with the distress inks.  I'll stop here. 

Now I will do the same method with the Oxides.  You can immediately see a difference in colors.  The Oxides are a little easier to see the difference in colors on my craft mat as I work with them, but I still put my ink pads in the order they are on my mat, just habit.  

This is the first layer into the Oxide inks. I will dry this with my heat gun as well. 

As you can see, it changes some as you dry it, the ink moves a bit, absorbs into the paper, becomes more chalk like in appearance.  

Now here is the difference that you see between Distress inks and Distress Oxides.  The Oxides let color build, adding layers and layers, where distress inks will mix the colors.  Basically: on the oxide background, I can see "dots" of the color I add on top of the layers.  

So here is the Distress ink vs the Oxide inks side by side.  Both are great inks and fun to play with.  It just depends on the look that you want to achieve when you are working with them.  I find Oxides to be easier to add color layers without getting muddy.  Oxides are more fool proof.  But both give great looks!

This is the corner of the Distress inks that I saw it starting to muddy on me.  If I had added another layer of color, it would have just became a blob of color.  This said stop to me.  Oxides don't always have that stop point.  

I wanted to do another color comparison.  This time I used Worn Lipstick, Fired Brick, and Walnut Stain.  This is a color combo I used last time in my post.  

This is the first layer of Oxide inks.

This is a great picture to show how different Oxide inks are.  The Worn Lipstick is sitting ON TOP OF the Walnut stain!!!!  That's amazing!!!  With regular distress inks, this would muddy the pink color.  I stop with Oxides when I like the result/coverage.  

On to the distress inks:

The distress inks give a more bold vibrant color while the Oxides are vibrant but chalky.  

The comparison of Oxides on the left, Distress on the right.



I hope this comparison of color to color was helpful.  Please leave me any questions or comments that you have.
And thanks for spending time here!
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