Monday, May 1, 2017

Felt Banners with Beading

Hello crafters!  I have been that a word?  I am just so obsessed with felt.  I am branching out and trying new projects, you will see several new felt projects on my blog soon.  I love working with felt.  Using felt is another way to get more use out of your dies that you already have!  And I love using my craft supplies in new ways!
Today's post is a quick one.  I have shown several of my felt banners that I have been making.  These are very easy and quick.  And please, don't be intimidated by stitching these, they are very easy!!! 
For this banner, I used some cross die cuts.  This one is from Taylored Expressions.  I really didn't like the look of stitching on the crosses so I used some felt glue.  This was the first time I used the glue so I wasn't sure what the results would be, but I'm very happy with how they came out.  I put a light layer of glue on my cross die cut, and spread it evenly over the die cut felt piece with an old credit card.  You could use anything you have, I wanted something that I could wipe off and use again.  Those fake credit cards that you get in the mail with credit offers work great!  After I spread the glue, I placed the felt piece on the banner.  Now to ensure that the glue and felt die cut adhered well, I placed a weighted craft bag over the piece.  I use this bag for all my craft projects that I am gluing down and need something heavy on them.  Anything you have would work.  My weighted craft bag was a gift from a retreat I went on.  I gave the die cuts about an hour to  dry.  I think the bottle says it fully dries in 3 hours, I think I read that.....or made if up!  LOL.  Either way, after an hour with the weighted bag, I removed the bag and let the banner sit on a flat surface and finish drying fully.

All die cutting is done with my Tim Holtz Vagabond.  I can't recommend this machine enough.  Since I like to run my felt die cuts through my machine twice (just to ensure a good cut), the Vagabond saves me so much time....and muscle power!  I'm not sure I would have wanted to cut all these felt pieces out with my normal big shot!!!  But the Vagabond makes it very easy!  I have the newer Vagabond 2, it fixed some of the earlier problems that the Vagabond had.  And the platform is now very simple and easy to understand so you never make the wrong sandwich!

I also beaded this banner. I keep all my beads in my Darice bead container- I will link below. You can also see my previous post on my bead and sequin storage HERE.   I beaded the letters with clear beads.  The letters are from Papertrey ink.  I also beaded the circles as well.  Those are also from Papertrey ink (stitched circles).  Beading is easy as well.  I like bigger beads and they are a good starting point for someone just starting to bead.  I'll try and do a post soon that shows you how to bead.  But it really is as easy as adding a bead to your stitching, especially on these felt banners.  

This was a fun quick project.  I will eventually be gifting these to teachers at my son's catholic school.  I am sure they will enjoy them in their classrooms.   The felt used in this project is from The Felt Pod.  

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  1. What a beautiful banner and an awesome idea for Catholic School teachers! TFS!

  2. I'm loving your banners - Thanks for sharing!


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