Friday, April 28, 2017

What the heck is Unicorn SPiT? Decorating your crafting space or items!

When I first heard of Unicorn Spit, I thought, What the heck is that???  Well, I will tell you, it's something you NEED in your crafty life!
This project first started with the hunt for something to put my clarity brushes in.  I love these blending brushes, have you tried them???  I have one for every color family, as you can see I also label them with the color.  I needed a storage container for them, everything that I found wasn't big enough.  I found this unfinished "vase" in the crafting section of Target. Very inexpensive.  It was a GREAT size, I could SEE my clarity brushes in that vase!  All except one thing.....I didn't want bland wood on my desk top.  So the hunt began to find something to color my new vase with.  That's when I found Unicorn SPiT!!  So what is it????

"Unicorn SPiT's Gel Stain and Glaze in One™ is the only product on the market today that does the duty of staining deep into the bare wood grain, glazing over existing finishes, brightening and highlighting chalk paint, and at the same time giving you a three dimensional effect."  It can be used on wood, glass, metal,and so much more!
Stain....great.  Glazing- great....chalk paint- what??!!  I had to try it!!!  I will say, Unicorn SPiT is easy to use, I put several paper towels under my project, I used my dehydrator sheet to put the SPiT on (it cleans right off with warm water, stained the sheet a bit but cleaned off great) and used some foam paint brushes.  
I just wanted to mention how much I love dehydrator sheets.  I have a craft mat, I love it.  I've had it for years.  I wanted a second sheet and did some research and heard about dehydrator sheets.  Mine came in a set of 9, for the price, it was a STEAL!!!!  What I love most is that with 9 mats in my set, I don't feel bad cutting up some of the mats to smaller mats.  This is what I used to put my stain on.  It works great, I could mix the stain with water directly on the sheet.  I use these "little" cut mats all the time in my crafting.  Best thing is that I can move them out of the way easily because of their size.  They work just the same as the expensive craft mats!!  I'm hooked on them!!!!

I had these old wooden frames for awhile and never knew what to do with them.  I thought it was time to try out the Unicorn SPiT.  

Unicorn SPiT can do so much, you can blend it with water to make it more of a stain, or you can paint with it directly.  I used some water to wet my frame, but more of a paint on this project by taking the brush directly to the frame. 

Here's another color palette I used for another frame. I just washed out my brush in between frames.  The Unicorn SPiT washes out well under the faucet.  

This was a finished frame using the Zia Teal, White Ning, and Midnight's blackness Stain.  I love having the white in the frames.  After I painted on the stain, I took a baby wipe and blended between the two colors, it softened the look and muted the bold color next to the lighter white, for a beautiful effect.  Make sure your wipes have no alcohol in them!  I use the Medline ultrasoft wipes that come dry, I use them for a lot of crafting projects, I  have a wet wipe tub filled with them that I add water to and one bottle of stamp cleaner to for my stamping.    For this project: I used an unopened dry pack,  I just added some water to them!

Now with Unicorn SPiT, if you make a mistake, you can dilute it with water, wipe it off, stain over your mistake.  EASY.  But when you are done, you have to seal it.  I used Tung Oil Finish.  You can put a shiny top coat on it if you chose, or leave it alone at this point.    The Unicorn SPiT dries within an hour or so, the Tung Oil needs about 24 hours to fully dry and soak in.  Until you seal the SPiT, you can keep playing!

For this frame, I used White Ning, Molly Red Pepper, Lemon Kiss, and Phoenix Fire.  

Here is the vase I showed you at the beginning.  

These were my colors I picked out at first.  

I decided that the pink wasn't the way I wanted to go on this container.  No problem, I SPiT right over it, blended it in....and it added to the dimension!  Don't be afraid of a mistake!!!

Notice the color variation in this project?  I didn't use any of the white was brought out by the wet water baby wipes and blending.  BEAUTIFUl!!!!!

If you don't like the results, keep blending, keep adding.  Make a spray stain with a spray bottle and water and stain.  The ideas are endless!!!

I loved the variation of colors I got.  It was such and easy project and it's really error free! Just play!!!

This vase looks great on my crafting desk.  I love it.   I want to Unicorn SPiT EVERYTHING now!!!  I read that you can use it on paper, I haven't tried that yet, but be on the look out for that!!
Thanks for visiting today.  Leave me a comment on what you think about Unicorn SPiT.  Have you tried it?  Thoughts/ comments!?  Unicorn SPiT has a Facebook page with tons of projects and ideas. I am still learning but love how easy to was to use.  What should I Unicorn SPiT next??
Happy crafting friends!

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  1. Gorgeous. I can't wait to try something.

  2. SO pretty little be the colors too. Great job.

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I definitely need to order several colors of Unicorn Spit and try this amazing product out! Awesome pics!


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