Friday, April 14, 2017

Using Glass Bead Glitter Gel or Embossing Paste

What happens when you order the wrong crafting tool?  Yes, this is a TRUE story!!!  I went to order embossing paste, I guess I didn't pay attention and ordered Glass Bead Glitter Gel instead.  In my defense.....well other than I have mommy brain half the time, and I am often doing 5 things at once.....the jars LOOK similar....yup, that's all I have.  When my order came, I was did I do that??  I didn't know what to do with glass bead glitter gel.  I sat it on my shelf and figured I would find something to do with it.  And there it sat.......UNTIL:
I saw Catherine Pooler's video using glass bead glitter gel!  You can view Catherine's video here: glass bead glitter gel .  I was so excited!  I had a use for my ordering error!!!  I had to try it out!!

I used the Faber-Castell Glass Glitter Bead Gel.  I added color to my project but I will say the glass glitter bead gel looks great by itself on projects, so you could leave it without any color.  Think how great it would look on dark cardstock or crumb cake cardstock!  I'm going to have to try it next time!  You need a stencil. I picked out several here that I used, but you can use any that you have on hand.  You also need a crafting knife or spatula to spread the paste evenly across the stencil.  
The easily way I found to do this was to put down my paper on my craft mat, lay the stencil on top and use some washi tape to hold the stencil in place while I am spreading the gel across the stencil.  Washi tape works best because it holds but releases easily when I want to lift up the stencil.  I spread the paste evenly across the stencil, picking up any extra with my crafting spatula.  Now if you just want the plain gel, you would lift up your stencil and set aside for it to dry.  I wanted to play with color so I added color burst powders to my gel. These are very concentrated color powder activated by water.  And let me warn you.....are SUPER fun to play with!!!

I picked a couple of color burst powders out and sprinkled them on my gel, still in the stencil, misted it with water, waited about a minute, and then carefully lifted up the stencil.  Clean up is easy with this gel.  I took my stencil and craft mat to the sink, washed off with warm water, and dried it all with a paper towel.  EASY....I like easy!  The gel smells like glue we all used in school.  I'll  show you some finished pieces with the glitter, scroll down for some step by step pictures. 

The light picks of the glass glitter beads.  So pretty!!! The edges of this are a little "muddy", I didn't worry about it because I knew that I am going to cut down the cardstock to fit a card front so those edges will be cut off.  And yes, my cutter cut through the paste like butter!  No problem there!

I loved this stencil so much I wanted to try it with some more color variations.

These colors reminded me of mermaid....not sure why but that pops in my mind when I see them together.  

The key with the color bursts is to be light handed with the water when you mist.  Mist, add some water, see how the color spreads and then add another spray or two where you see you need some water to activate the color powder.  Putting to much water on your project will cause the water to go under your stencil.  Now that is a pretty look too so play around.  It all depends on what you like!  Permission to PLAY!!!!!

Now here's the fun part, I got one card out of the stencil, but don't stop there.  I laid another piece of cardstock on the stencil to pick up more of the ink and gel.  Two card fronts!  Then I took the stencil and set it over a piece of cardstock and misted it heavily with water to get more of the color to spread.  I got a very pretty watercolor effect.  You can get 3 or 4 card fronts out of one stencil/color combo!  

I used both the Brusho and the Ken Oliver color bursts.  Both are beautiful.  The brusho comes in many sets, so you can get a huge set, or just as little as 6.  The Ken Oliver ones come in color sets that are nicely matched.  

This is the gel spread across the stencil.  It sounds like sand when you spread it because of the glass glitter in the gel.  

I sprinkled some color powder over the stencil.  This is the fun part, the colors you chose, where you put them, how much water you add!  

I loved that even fine lined stencils worked well with the gel.

This picture shows the original stencil card front and my 2nd generation card front.  
Even the second generation is pretty!

Here's another color variation.

This was the 3rd or 4th generation attempt I made while I was just playing.  I put cardstock back under my stencil and misted it heavily with water.  I think it is beautiful.  So pretty I had to turn it into a card right away.  
I wanted to keep the sentiment small, and keep the focus on the gorgeous background.  

Here's a tip I found working with the Brusho, The lids remove after you peel the tab.  But this make a BIG opening.  And a little goes a long long way!  So I took my craft pick, and stuck a hole in the top of the jars.  The hole is big enough to shake some color out but it keeps it from spilling all over the place.  Don't take the tabs off the bottles, leave them on!!  Sorry the pictures are sideways but it was a tip that I thought was so helpful to me.  The Ken Oliver ones are shaped differently so it wasn't an issue for those.  

I left my cardstock overnight to dry completely.  I tend to make a lot of card fronts up, then I put them in my pile to make cards with at a later time.  I have several of these to use yet.  I want to keep the sentiment small and keep the focus on the backgrounds.  I think these would look great on tags as well.  That might be my next project with the glass bead glitter gel. 
I have to say, for accidentally ordering the glass bead glitter gel, this was a fun mistake!!!  I love it!  I have already ordered another jar of it, as I am almost out!!!  I have done so many backgrounds!  It is really addicting to play with!  This post had a ton of pictures but I really wanted to catch the glass bead glitter gel at its best, it is stunning in person!
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