Friday, April 7, 2017

Sequin and Bead Storage

Storage is one of my favorite topics.  Especially when I find something that works so well for me, I love to share that product with you!  I got this idea after seeing several bloggers post about these Darice Bead/Sequin Storage Trays.  Jennifer McGuire's post pushed me over the edge, I had to order!!!  (she does that well doesn't she??!!  ;) ).

I actually thought to buy these trays for my beads.  I have a lot of Mill Hill glass beads that I use for cross stitching and for my felt projects.  The little beads were a BIG problem for me to store.  I had bead bags everywhere and no idea what I had!  The beads were out of control!!!  This was the PERFECT solution.  I needed something to keep the beads separated, who wants to sort tiny little beads that get mixed up?!!!! typical jewelry storage didn't work with the beads because they are so big, I need small individual storage containers.   I wanted to be able to see what I had easily at a glance.  I didn't care for stacked storage containers since I felt like I was always taking apart ones to get to the one storage container I needed.  So when I was looking for storage options, I kept these things in mind.  And if I could put them in color order, even better!!!!  

As you can see, I have two different trays.  One tray holds 82 of containers, and one tray has a mixture of sizes.  That tray holds 45 containers.  I will link both down at the bottom of the post.  Typically the 82 size tray works well.  But I found that I had some bigger containers, like my black beads.  I didn't want a whole small row of black beads of all the same, so the container with the variation of sizes was the perfect option for me.  I use it as my "grow into" tray.  I have room to expand. 

Bead container

The lid on the tray comes off and you can access any of the containers.  I found that the latches hold nicely but I would use caution if you are traveling with the container: just double check that they haven't folded down in transit before you pick up your container.

The containers are taken out one at a time, open easily but snap shut.  I have never had one open on me unless I wanted it open, and I have dropped one ....or two on my floor.  They stayed closed.  

The individual containers have nice finger slots to remove them from the tray.  

Here are the sizes that are offered.  The smallest is in both trays.  The other three sizes are offered in the 45 pieces tray.  I like that it gives me several sizes to work with.  I don't need that in my bead tray as much as I do in my sequin tray.  Sequin bags vary a lot.  So this helps me sort them.  I have two trays for beads, two trays for sequin.  And I have room to grow in each.

sequin tray

I labeled my trays so that I would know which one had sequin and which one contained my beads as they sit on my shelf at home.  

When I get a new sequin baggie, I simply decide what size works best, and take one of the empty ones out of my "overflow" tray, fill it up, and place it in color order, easily moving the other containers down to make room for the new one.  

I use my crystal ninja to get the sequin out of the containers and help place them on my project.  I do love that tool!  I forgot to take a picture of it, but I will link it below.  

I hope you find this post helpful.  Let me know if I can answer any questions.  Please see links below for products.  These contain affiliate links at no cost to you.
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  1. Eeehh this is so exciting. It might be what I need to do in my new storage and as I get more sequins.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for this. I'm going to share on some of the stitching groups I belong to on facebook.

  3. This is the best! What a great way to organize your beads, sequins, and crystals! And so pretty all together too!


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