Monday, April 10, 2017

ORGANIZE THIS: How I organize my cardstock scraps

I did a post awhile back about my cardstock organization, you can view it HERE .  At that time, I promised I would show my scrap storage.  I don't keep my scraps with my new cardstock for the simple reason that I like to keep every little scrap, and that can get messy.  Scraps don't fit well in my Stamp N Storage paper holders.  (and it would look AWFUL and drive my OCD nuts!!!).  I needed to come up with a good way to store ALL those scraps I wanted to keep.  I found a great solution that has worked well for me for awhile now. 

This is the Folding Crate on Wheels .  Mine came with a lid, but I didn't show it here, honestly I don't use the lid so I store it behind my shelves...just in case one day I decide I need to use it.   I use this to store my Designer Series Paper as well, I will do a blog post on it soon.  Same concept.  I use the Advanus Cropper Hopper paper files to hold my scraps.  These are 12X12 size.  I have tons of these because I store my Designer Series Paper in them as well.  Since this is to store scraps, you could also use the Avery Job Ticket holders as well.  These are 9X12 instead of 12X12 but would work.  
As you can see,  I label with my label maker each paper file with the name of the cardstock.  I divide these into color families: neutrals, brights, regals, subtles, in color, and MISC.  All retired cardstock goes into MISC.  It helps if I am looking for some scrap sheets.  I save tons of whispering white cards stock, but I use it!  All those little scraps go into my files.  

I also save any watercolor paper.  These little scraps come in handy.  If I am trying to mix a color on my sheet and want to see what they look like, I can do a test run on my watercolor paper without ruining a whole sheet of paper.  

This rolling file holder also has a handle so its easy to take it to crops.  It is so nice to be able to hand a friend a scrap of cardstock that they might be looking for on their project!

This is why I save all my scraps.  I like to put the scrap into my MISTI, stamp it, emboss it, and then put it in my paper trimmer and cut it down to fit my card.  I think a sentiment across the front of a card on  little strip, anchors the card nicely.  

I put a piece of washi on my MISTI magnets to make them easier to lift off.  
Stamp N Storage is supposed to be releasing a wooden file holder similar in concept to this one.  I might get one to try it out.  This one is plastic but has held up nicely.  I keep it under my desk, roll it out as I need something.  Very handy. 

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I hope this post was helpful to give you some ideas of how to store your cardstock scraps.  
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  1. I'm loving your posts on craft storage - really useful! I love seeing how other people organise their supplies. Especially scraps – they are so hard to organise – sometimes I tuck them into their original paper packs but then they fall out, and sometimes I keep them separately but then never use them – I'll have to try organising by colour!

  2. Love this!!! So organized and neat-helps MY OCD! ;) Thanks for sharing all of these organization tips...keep them coming !!

  3. Thank you so much. I am going to Staples today to check out that rolling bin with a lid. I move often and that would be ideal to have a lid.


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