Friday, April 21, 2017

More Glass Bead Glitter Gel fun!!!

 I posted last week about my accidental order of Glass Bead Glitter Gel, and how I am now obsessed with it!  I ordered another tub of it!!!  Yes, I have used it that much!!!  I love paste with stencils, but I have had mixed results with paste.  This gel has been pretty error proof for me.  I wanted to share some of the projects I did with the gel paste over the weekend with you. 

I have tried to use tags more on my gifts.  I have a hard time making tags, no idea why, but I do. I think the key for me is to make them up BEFORE I need them.   I wanted to try the glass bead glitter gel on some tags.  The best part of my project was I used scraps of crumb cake cardstock that I had.  With my scrap bin organization, it was easy to see what pieces of cardstock  I had that were big enough to cut out some tags.  Check out my scrap organization HERE.   I used some tag dies that I linked below but you can use any that you have on hand.  Experiment with size and shapes of tags.  I ran the dies through my Vagabond machine.  When I am cutting a lot of dies, especially for my felt projects, I like using the electric Vagabond machine.  It makes it really easy!  After I cut out the tags, I grabbed some stencils and started putting on the glass bead glitter gel. I showed last week how to use the Color Burst powders on the glitter gel.  I played with more color combos this weekend.  Those are addicting too!!!  They are really easy to get some unique looks! Have you used the Color Burst powders?  I have also used them with some water color paper that I will be showing soon.  I want to try and watercolor with them as well.  What projects have you used them on?
This tag is for a gift for my friend who was in the hospital.  I made her up an emergency hospital kit with some things that she may need (comb, hairbrush, hand sanitizer, hand cream, nail clippers).  This was the tag in the was stunning!!!

This was the front of the tag, I made two tags and glue them together so they would be nice and strong and not show the backside of the tag.  
This tag is with the Glass Bead Glitter gel without any color added.  It is beautiful by itself.  I used a piece of a heart stencil to add the hearts to it.  

I used my label maker on the front of the tag. 

Here are some other tags that I made.  One tip, I use a tray in my craft room a lot.  This is just a plastic food tray.  I use it when I have anything that I need to dry.  I place the items on the tray.  It keeps the items flat, but if I need to move them, I can pick up the try easily.  I can fit several items on the tray.  It's plastic so it wipes off easily.  When I'm not using it, I slip the tray behind my shelves so its out of way.

I really liked the round tag out of the Lawn Fawn set.  

This was a cast off of one of my tags that I did with the stencil.  Sometimes the second generation comes out well, sometimes it doesn't.  I liked this one.

The Glass Bead Glitter Gel is a lot of fun.  I need some more tag dies to make a bunch of tags up!  Which tag dies are your favorite?
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