Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Felt Banner Fun

I have shared my obsession with felt before.  I LOVE working with felt.  I have tons of banners cut out that I will be sharing here every so often.  Stitching on the banners is relaxing.  
I just finished this banner last night and couldn't wait to share it with you.  This was my first 4th of July banner.  

I started with picking out my felt colors.  I have had the best luck with 100% wool felt.  I have gotten my felt at The Felt Pod.  They have lots of colors and it cuts like a dream!
I used the banner die from Lawn Fawn.  I love this banner set, it has 2 sizes of banners, and the circle die as well.  They are stitched on the edges, it shows up lightly on the felt, shows deeper on paper.  I like that it cuts the holes at the same time in the banner.  This makes it quick to cut on my banner pieces.   I linked the set below.  You could use any banner die you have.  Be sure to punch holes for your ribbon if you like that look.  I run the felt and die through my Vagabond.  This machine has SAVED me so much time.  I spend two days cutting out banners for an upcoming retreat, since the Vagabond is electric, it really made this easy!  I will share my die cutting Ikea cart soon.  I put all my banner pieces in ziplock baggies and label them, so I can sew them as I like.  
The first thing I do when I work on a banner, is pick out the sewing holes that the die cut in the felt.  The holes comes out easily but it looks neater if I get them out of the felt before I stitch on it.  I use a little dish to gather up the felt holes, it keeps my work station neater.  This is my "tv tray" station.  I often sew while watching tv. I also use this tray to cross stitch on.  

I like the magnetic needle nest to store my stitching needles in.  I can easily see the size I need as I stitch and switch to beading.  I just got back from a plane trip to Vegas, I had no problems taking my thread cutter through security.  I left my good stitching scissors at home because I've heard some stitchers say security won't let them on, some say they have no problem with security with their stitching scissors.  Since I LOVE my scissors, I didn't want to risk having to toss them.  The tread cutter is a good choice for on the go sewing and it is long enough to hang around my neck like a necklace so as I am sewing in the stands watching my kids play sports or on the plane, I can easily cut my floss!
I used the cross stitch alphabet die from Papertrey Ink to cut in the alphabet in this banner.  It was the first time I used it.  It made the banner sew really easily.  I used 6 strands of floss to sew the letter onto the circle.  

I love picking out the beads to use on my projects.  It is easy with my Darice bead storage.  I found this variety pack of beads at Walmart.  I loved the different colors of blue beads.  You can stitch the banners with or without the beads but I like that the beads adds some sparkle to the banner. 
I use a little bit of stop fray on all my knots as I sew.  

Sorry for the bad picture here, but I had just finished stitching it and wanted to share!!! It was 11:30 at night, my best stitching hours!  What time are you the craftiest?

Once my banner is all stitched, I get to chose the ribbon I want to use.  Different ribbons give the banner a different look.  I chose a shiny silver ribbon for this banner.  I wanted to share my ribbon containers.  These are AWESOME!!!  Several of my girlfriends use these to travel with their ribbons.  These are very handy to sort my ribbons and they have a handle.  Very inexpensive.  They are double sided.  

I am ready for 4th of July!!!  

Hope you enjoyed a new banner! More to come soon!

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  1. Love love love this one. You got to do your cross stitch and your felt all in one. You will need to take this one to the beach with us and we can take some pics with it.


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