Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to Store Your Ink Blending Foams for all your ink pads

Let's talk organizing again today.  I love organizing!!  Everything having it's own place makes me happy.   But more importantly for me, is having my space and tools organized in a way that works for me, and how I craft.  
I love ink.  I have lots of different ink pads, types and colors.  I use my inks a lot in my crafting.  I also use a lot of different tools with my inks.  One of my favorites is the Tim Holtz mini roux ink blending tool and the replaceable foams.  I have one handle and many many foam pads....well one for every color ink I own.  I don't like to mix the foams within ink colors and washing them out seems like to much work when I'm in the middle of crafting so I have one for every ink pad.  Then I was left with: How do I organize these foams so that I know what color they are AND are easy to find?  I came up with the perfect solution:

For this you will need an empty Stampin' Up storage case (smaller one used for photopolymer stamps), a label maker, scissors, and sticky velcro dots.  I got my velcro dots on amazon: they carry them in 500 and 250 quantities.  I used black colored velcro because it is what I had, but you could use white or any color.     I like the dots because they are easy to use but you could cut regular sticky velcro too.  You will only use one side of the velcro for this project but don't worry, I found tons of uses for my velcro dots so they don't go to waste!  You want to make sure to get the STICKY (self adhesive) backed velcro!!! 

I labeled my cases two ways, on the outside, on top of the foam so I can quickly see what foam I need from the outside of my case.

I also labeled it on the inside of the case, just under the velcro.  This makes it easy to put the foam back where it needs to go quickly and I can ensure I put the foam back to the color it belongs with.  As you can see from the picture, sometimes the colors look the same on the foams but are different colors and will blend out differently.  I didn't want to get them mixed up.  I also didn't want to keep flipping the lid back and forth to figure out where my foam went.  You could skip this step if that doesn't bother you.
To make this easier, when I printed my color label:
 I entered leaving the first line blank,( you are making a two lined label but leaving the first line black forcing the font and label to be smaller)  then I typed my color name into the second line of the tape, then I had it print 2 labels at the same time (saves tape).  I took my scissors and cut the top/blank portion of the label off making the tape very narrow and small so it fits nicely in the case.  This essentially makes the tape very narrow and small.  Whole sized labels don't fit well inside the cases, but printing them this way makes them fit perfectly. 

I also printed a label for the spine of the case, so I can see exactly what case my colors are in.  These are for my Stampin' Up inks, I separated them into color families and In Colors.  I save a lot of my ink color inks for years since I buy reinkers.  

These three cases contain all my Stampin' Up ink colors and the blending foams that match.  

The cases fit easily on the shelf above my ink pads.  

I also used this method for my Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inks.  

For this set, I used some colored tape that I had in my label maker.  At first I didn't think I liked it, but I do think the color makes reading the labels even easier.  

There are only 12 of the distress oxide inks out right now.  I placed only 3 to a row in this case.  I did this because I tend to blend heavier with the oxide inks sometimes covering a whole background with them, leaving the foams "wetter".  I spaced them out more so they couldn't blend into each other.  I didn't do that for my Stampin' Up foams because I tend to use the colors randomly, not all at once, so I rarely have two "wet" pads next to each other at the same time AND Stampin' Up ink is a dyed ink which dries faster.  The oxides are a mix of dyed and pigment blend so they stay "wetter" longer.  I'm not sure the ink would bleed over to the next foam but I didn't want to take a chance so I spaced these out more.  

This system has worked well for me.  It makes it very easy to find the right ink foam.  It is easy to clean up and put away.  
My ink pad holders are from Stamp N Storage.  I have found them very helpful in organizing my ink pads and keeping them close at hand for crafting.

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  1. Finally, an idea that would work great for me AND is not expensive - Thank You!!

    1. Right? I didn't want to invest a lot into this storage plus I can easily add to it as new ink colors come out, or I buy more inks.

  2. Genius! I have been struggling with this very thing. I tried cutting up a sponge, but found it too bulky to store. This is PERFECT!! I know what I'm doing this weekend. A million thanks!!


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