Friday, March 31, 2017

Organizing: How I Store My Cardstock: UPDATED!

Everyone likes organizational posts.  I think most crafters like to be neat and organized, even if we don't always KEEP it neat and organized!  LOL!
Today I am sharing with you my updated Cardstock Organization.  I am only discussing cardstock today.  I store my Designer Series Paper differently, and I store my scraps of cardstock differently.  Look for a blog post on those in the future!
If you search my blog, I have shared my cardstock organization before.  And I used that system for years, and it worked....for the most part.   But the issue I had was that with my vertical storage, some colors were packed (and caused wrinkling) , some colors were less full and "fell forward" in the holders (causing more wrinkling).  Overall, I got some crumbled corners.  And in the paper crafting world, That is NOT good. I also had a hard time seeing the colors I wanted.  I had to pull out the cardstock to decide, they put it back....which resulted in messy paper storage.   I decided I wanted to upgrade and get something more stable and that once I bought it....It would last forever.  I found that with Stamp N Storage paper holders.  

Stamp n Storage 12X12 Paper Holders set up horizontally 

The first consideration I had was whether I wanted the holders vertical or horizontal (they can be stored either way).  I chose horizontal since that method seems to cause the least amount of wrinkling in the paper.  Perfect.  I chose the paper holder made to fit the Ikea units.  While as you can see from the pictures, I don't have them in an Ikea unit right now, I know when we move, I will buy the Ikea units for my dedicated craft room.  Right now, I am taking over my kids former playroom.  Yes, taking over!  LOL.  I am using the current shelving I had in there to store toys on.  

One of the things I like about the Stamp N Storage  paper holders is that you can adjust the shelves (every one of them EXCEPT the middle shelf- for stability, it can't be adjusted up or down).  As you can see,  most of my cardstock fits in the slots fine, but with some cardstock, I had more of that color, so adjusting the shelves was nice.  I always try and pick up cardstock from Stampin' Up when I see ANY cardstock on the clearance.  That's probably where I have more of one color or another.  
I store my paper in "rainbow color" families.  It makes it very easy if I need to match something on a project, to be able to see exactly what color works best with the project I am working on.  From my storage, you can see I store 12X12 paper on the bottom of each individual shelf with any 8 1/2 X 11 paper stored on top of the 12X12 sheets.  I eventually want to get dedicated 8 1/2 X 11 paper holders, which Stamp N Storage does sell,  but my current space doesn't allow me that room, so this works for now.  

you can see I also have ink storage above some paper holders, look out for blog post on my ink storage soon.

As you can see in this picture, I labeled all my shelves so I can easily see the paper color name.  I used the Paper Holder Label System from Stamp N Storage as well, I just printed my own colored labels with my label maker.  I keep a lot of White cardstock on hand.  I am always using white cardstock.  

Neat and organized

One tip I have, when organizing your cardstock, think how you use your cardstock.  Are color names important to you?  Do you paper craft with many different brands cardstocks?  For me, I mainly use all Stampin' Up cardstock with a couple of exceptions I use with Copic coloring or mixed media.  

I found it easier to put In Colors in my rainbow order.  This is how I craft, and if it is not out where I can see it, I won't use it.  One bonus I didn't realize I would gain with these holders is that I can always quickly see when I need to reorder a cardstock color.  I never run out now!

I have found the Stamp N Storage paper holders to be very well made.  VERY durable, and will last FOREVER!!!  I chose to keep my natural at this time.  I might paint or stain them when I move the craft room, to match my new room more, but they are gorgeous either way.  
I still keep a couple of plastic 12X12 paper holders beside my Stamp N Storage holders.  (refer back to the first picture).  Inside those, I store more cardstock but in Stampin' Up color families and In Color families.  This is my "to go" cardstock.  I take these when I got to retreats or to craft at friends' houses. I refill those "to go" plastic holders out of my main Stamp N Storage holders when they get low.   I couldn't fit another Stamp N Storage paper holder on that shelf due to space, so it made sense to put my to go paper there.  I also store any specialty paper in them: glimmer paper, velum, metallic papers, and water color paper.  
These storage units for worked wonderfully for me.  They are worth every penny and keeps my card stock not only looking eye pleasing but keeps it nice and straight as well.  
Check out the paper holders at Stamp N Storage through my  affiliate link, at no cost to you:

Stamp N Storage Store to see products

Stamp N Storage

Thanks for Stopping by!  And be sure to look for more updated organizing post soon!  All products mentioned in this post where bought and paid for by myself, I am sharing them because I found they work great.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm getting ready to move craft room from guest room to loft and looking at different storage ideas. Why did you get the paper holders to fit in Ikea holders? What is the benefit? Thank you, Debbie

    1. There's no difference between the ones that fit the cubes and the ones that don't as far as how much it will hold. For me, I bought them to fit so if I want the IKEA cubes in the futures, they would slip right inside and then I can stack the cubes. Mainly to have the OPTION of putting them in cubes if I wanted to in a new craft room.


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