Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tim Holtz Distressed Crayons, Gelatos, and Pan Pastels Comparision

I started playing with some color mediums.  I got the Tim Holtz crayons first.  Later to get the Gelatos and the Pan Pastels.  This post is a comparison of the three and my thoughts on them.
First of all:  ALL of them are good, for different aspects.  I compared them using the baby wipe technique and water for blending.  This is only ONE technique you can do with them. For all three mediums, I used water coloring paper- to make all things equal AND I since was using the baby wipe technique.  I picked three colors that were closest to each other for comparison.

These are the Pan Pastels.  They are a chalk based coloring medium.  They come in every color under the sun!!!  I found them easy to work with, but you do need an applicator.  I used eye shadow makeup applicators: I don't use them for my makeup, I use brushes, so I get tons of these that I normally just toss!
The lids twist off, they sit nicely on the table to work with.

These are Gelatos.  They are chapstick shaped but work like crayons.  Easy and smooth to use. A little goes a long way!

These are the Tim Holtz distressed crayons.  These are the easiest to hold and use since they are much like a marker.  

For the first part: I just colored on the watercolor paper with each medium.  This is the distressing crayons.  Out of the three, I thought the coverage on the water colored paper wasn't as good with the Tim Holtz Distressing crayons. 

Then I took damp baby wipe and blended in the colors.  They blended easily. I had to be careful not to blend the colors more than I wanted because it seemed like the medium stayed more on top of the paper.   The colors became more muted.  

For the last step, I misted the results with made the colors bolder again.  Interesting, not sure it's a better look, but interesting result.  Now this is done ready to use.  I don't need to seal this in any way.

I did the same thing with the Gelatos.  I thought this was a great intense color.  Very smooth.  

I used the baby wipe to blend.  There was a lot of medium down so I think I could even use less, leaving more areas white to blend and get a great result. Colors blended very easily into one another. I tried to keep the to much of the colors from blending into the yellow.  Just because I liked the yellow on this.  

This is a comparison of the Gelatos and the Tim Holtz crayons.  Sorry for the side picture, a couple of these switched on me and I didn't realize it till after the upload.  But you can see the results between the two here.  I think the Gelatos have a more intense color, and blended easier.  But if you are look for a more subtle look, maybe the Tim Holtz is more for you.  Once again, its hard to say one is better than another, they are just different.

This is the Gelatos misted with water, the water seems to make the color more intense again.  Just interesting....not sure that it makes a difference but thought it was neat while I was playing around.

I did the same thing with the pan pastels.  The colors are beautifully intense.  The most intense.  Additional step to apply because you need an applicator, but it's just an extra set....not really harder. 

This is blended with a baby wipe.  Out of all of them, I think the Pan Pastels kept their intense color the best.  (the least intense color after blending would be Tim Holtz Distressing Crayons, the middle of the road are the Gelatos).

This is a comparison of all three of them.  I like the results of the Pan Pastels best, nice blended but the colors didn't bleed into each other two much.  Once again, it depends on what YOU like.  

This was the Pan Pastels misted with water.  Very pretty again.  Now, here's another step with Pan Pastels, you have to seal them.  Some people use just plain old cheap hairspray, so that seems easy enough.  Just spray a light coverage over your project to seal it, let it dry all the way.  And your done.  Is that a deal breaker for me, no.  Once again, it is an easy step.  For this test: I think the Pan Pastels gave the best look.  I was looking for intense.  And they kept their nice rich color.  They were easy to work with.  

Hope this helps anyone wanting to compare the three mediums.
Leave me a comment and let me know which medium of the three you have tried or want to try.  What is your favorite technique to use with them?
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  1. What a great comparison. I like them all and agree that it depends what you are wanting to do. I can't wait to see these in person.

  2. Ohhh love these comparisons!! I LOVE the look of those pan pastels! So cool!

  3. You have just managed to make me regret passing up a crazy clearance deal a few months ago! Great tutorial ... love the result of your color blending!


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