Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love the Olympics? Olympic inspired Bark Box!!

Are you watching the Olympics?  I've caught bits and pieces of the Olympics and all the news updates of big wins.  This month's Bark Box is PERFECT!!!  Olympic inspired!!! 

I'll show the treats first.  I liked the variety this month.  I am sure Levi and Otis will enjoy them, as always!

There was a card included, you put it on your dog's collar and take a picture for the Bark Box website.  Neither Levi or Otis were feeling like posing today!  LOL

The toys this month are absolutely the cutest!!!  I'm pretty sure I say this with all the boxes, but these are super cute!!!  I love the torch, and the wrester is a hoot!!!  The rope on the wrestler's legs side, so sometimes I find him with one short leg and one really long leg!  Otis likes to drag him around....I find him in odd places in my house. 

There was also I liver chew treat......and it's already gone....Levi says "it was yummy"....while licking his lips!!! 

I loved this box!  Super cute!  And best of all the dogs loved it too. We opt for the extra toy, that's why we get three toys.  If you are interested in getting the Bark Box:

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