Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Simple Card Making Formula - great way to make a simple card

Many of you know, I love to craft and spend a lot of time doing scrapbooking.  I also enjoy making cards.  New crafters, and sometimes even those that have been crafting for a long time, have a hard time making cards.  I often do.  I get stuck for some reason.  I realized the easiest way for me to make a simple card was a formula for myself.
Sentiment + Image (focal point) + background interest element = a great card!

I first start with a sentiment- I pick out what sentiment to use from a Happy Birthday to a Thank you to a My thoughts are with you card.  That sets the tone for the card.  This is easy to do if you keep a log of your stamps.  I use Evernote.  So if I am looking for a birthday stamp, I search birthday in Evernote and it brings up all my stamp sets with birthday in them.  (for those that don't use Evernote or are interested: search my blog for Evernote post that I did to explain it).

The next step is to pick out my focal point for my card.  That is often an image stamp.  Once again I can search through my Evernote to find an image I want to use.  Often I have a couple of stamps on my desk that I want to play with so I might already have the image in mind.  

The final step in my formula is background interest.  Now this can be a stamp: Gorgeous Grunge or Timeless Textures are great background stamps.  It can be an embellishment such as sequin or  it can be layers of cardstock, ribbon, or buttons.  It can be anything you want to add to your card.  I do try and keep my cards on the flatter side so I am careful about the embellishments I use.  I love to use other stamps to create that background interest.  It's a great way to get INKY....and it keeps the card flat for mailing.  
The card below is a great example of this formula.  I used the feathers as a focal point, my sentiment, and my Gorgeous Grunge stamp as background interest.  Simple and easy.  This is a great formula for one layer cards too.  But you can make this as fancy or as simple as you want, adding more background interest.  
Hope you enjoyed this formula and I hope if you are ever stuck on a card, you can use it to make a great simple card!
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