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Organizing Ideas: Stamp N Storage Die Tote, Organizing Dies & Framelits

Organizing Ideas

I have posted in the past about my framelit/dies organization.  I used the Tim Holtz Binders to store my framelits.  And this worked well.  Good for travel to crops.  After several years of collecting dies (and am a sucker for a framelit!!!), I had FOUR binders full and working on a 5th!  I was having a hard time finding what die I was looking for.  I would spend a lot of time flipping through the binders to try and find a die. Often, forgetting what dies I had or just not wanting to bother with getting them off the shelf and flipping through them.  At this point, the binders weren't working as well anymore.  I really wanted a simple organizing method that I could flip through, using my framelits more in my crafting, but also a system that I could still take to crops.  I found the perfect system for me!
Stamp N Storage  Die Totes are awesome.  The idea is simple, a sturdy wooden "tote" that you can flip through to find your dies.  Now this idea needed some additional  organizing with dividers and I wasn't sure about how could I still take this storage to crops with me. (I'll talk about that later). The totes as Stamp N Storage calls them, are very well made, nice wooden crates to store the dies.  I can flip through them easily.  I had to decide what size tote I needed.  There are three sizes.  I decided the large would be good for me since I do have a lot of dies.  Then I had to decide with or without a lid.    This was the part that was hard for me to decide on.  I liked the lid to keep the dust out and everything nice and neat.  BUT....the place that I was going to store them wouldn't allow for a lid.  I decided to get two large totes without lids.  
Then I had to create my organizational dividers.  I wanted something bright and cheerful and durable.  I could have used cardstock but I knew the dividers would eventually bend.  I decided to use plastic folders.  I cut the folders down to 7"x7".  For each folder I was able to get two dividers out of it.  

These are the folders I used.  I wanted it to be heavy duty plastic, which these are a nice thickness but I was still able to cut them with my TH snips. I found these on amazon and for no other reason than I liked the color combos.  These were perfect for the cheerful colors I wanted. 

I also used my new label maker.....a LOT!!!!
The dividers got a white backed label so it was easy to read them as I flipped through my categories. 

My magnetic die sheets got labeled with a clear backed label.  I don't need to know the names of the framelit set as I am searching, maybe just for a blog post so I wanted it to blend it more.  Since I ordered two large totes, I divided them up by Stampin' Up only framelits and all other framelits.  One tote for each.  On the magnetic cards, I label SU for Stampin' Up dies and other dies got the name if I knew it.   This will make it easy for my travel option which I will discuss shortly.

This is a stock photo so you can clearly see the totes and how the magnetic cards sit in them.

I think I would be amiss if I didn't talk about the magnet cards that I ordered from Stamp N Storage .  These are wonderful!!!!  The best I've ever seen.  I have used vent covers for my TH binders and they work.  Vent covers are flexible which when they flex can allow a die to pop off the magnetic vent cover.  It doesn't happen often in the TH binders because I was also slipping them into the sleeves of the binder sheets.  But vent covers would not stand up so I could flip through dies.  These cards from stamp N storage  are STURDY.  If nothing more, THESE were the BEST part of my purchase!  They are more expensive than vent covers but WELL worth the money.  They come in 2 sizes and several different quantities when ordering.  I ordered all one size because it would drive me nuts to have two different sizes in my bins. I HIGHLY recommend these!!!!  

This is a picture that I haven't seen online before- it is the back of the magnetic cards- this is what makes them so sturdy.  Excuse the background, just wanted you to be able to see how nice these cards.

Now you really have to excuse the background of this picture- I really wanted to show how thick the cards were, this was in the middle of me working so stuff is EVERYWHERE!!!!!  MESSY MESSY!!!  

So this is my large Stamp N Storage die tote.  I am storing them on a metal shelf that I have in the taken over playroom.  

Let me talk a minute about my categories.  I used what works for me, how I would look for a certain die.  I have Alphabet, Basic Shapes, Borders, Christmas, Elements, Tags, Boxes/3D, Halloween and Fall and more.  I needed to label them the easiest way so I could find them.  My categories reflect that.  

These are my two large totes filled and filed!  It feels great to be organized.  Best of all, it is right next to my desk so I can easily flip through and find the die I need. 

I have plenty of room left in my two totes, so I can add more framelits!!!  LOL!!

These cheerful colors make me smile.

I promised to talk about my travel option.  The large totes are awesome, I am very pleased.  But.....they don't travel well.  The are big and once you get all the dies in them, they are heavy!  They are heavy right now and they are not even full yet. (the weight of the totes, the magnetic cards and the dies themselves).  My option that I came up with was to get ONE medium tote with a lid.  The medium tote is smaller, which will help with the weight.  I also got a lid so I can close it for travel.  My idea is that when I am going to a crop, I can flip through my dies, and takes several that I am interested in using and put them in the medium tote.  Once I'm back home, I'll organize the cards with the dies on them back into their proper totes.  EASY!!!  I have one system that works for home and travel!

I highly recommend Stamp N Storage.  I bought my totes and all the supplies, I wasn't paid for my opinion, I just LOVE them that much to promote them!  Anytime I find a product that I think works well, I love to share it. I think their storage systems are very well made.  I've looked at several craft rooms online that use their systems.  They look great and function well.  I also think their systems work well for the average crafter.  I don't have a fancy craft room at this house (in the new house I will!!)  I am currently taking over my kids playroom....slowly but surly, I am moving in and taking over.  One day I will have a beautiful craft room but for now, I use what I have. These totes work well now, but will look fabulous in a new craft room too!

All products were bought and paid for by myself.  This post does contain affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Stamp N Storage


  1. What a beautiful piece of furniture and nice system for your dies. And they even get their own mobile travel bin. Thank you for sharing this info - including about the magnetic sheets.

  2. I love love love these. I can't wait to see it in person.


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