Monday, April 4, 2016

Plain, Boring White Cardstock......get out your inks!!!!

Plain white cardstock can be boring......but not if you have your ink handy!!!  I don't use Whispering White cardstock often for my background paper when I scrap, so this was a fun challenge for me.  

I started out selecting the pictures of our family cat, Sammy....yes, she is a sweetie!  I loved these pictures, especially with her looking out our big window with her feet curled.  This is her favorite place to be.  I even keep the blinds up about two feet (the windows go to the floor) so she can sit here and watch the birds, the dogs if they are outside playing in the fence, and anything else happening.  I often hear her snoring against the window and she peacefully falls asleep watching......hard cat life huh???

I had these older Stampin' Up cat stamps, I knew they would make cute embellies on the page.  I refuse to buy stickers anymore.  I often don't use them, or the colors don't match my pages or style. Or worst, they get all mangled in my storage before i can use them.   No more stickers for me!   I make my own embellishments out of stamps.  My favorite way to scrap, if you follow my blog, I do this a lot!  Get those stamps out and use them in your scrapbooking!!!!  

I chose my colors, I wanted to keep the page colors soft letting that WW cardstock really shine rather than color up that white!  I went with Crumb Cake (my favorite color, I hope Stampin' Up NEVER retires this color as I will go into a depression!!!), Lost Lagoona, and Blackberry Bliss.  

Can you also see another one of my favorite stamps peeking here??  Gorgeous Grunge.  One of my most used stamps ever!!!  Timeless Textures is another stamp set like this one that I think I will use over and over. 

I used a mask and sponged some ink on the background to create the pattern.

More of that fabulous Gorgeous Grunge!!!

This was another stamp set that I had, I created a border of cats walking across my page.  I can't wait to get the Mega Misti.  It is a 12X12 Misti for scrapbooking.  If you don't know what a MISTI in the search box to the right, other posts will come up.  Also there are plenty of youtube videos as well!  I LOVE the MISTI!!!! I will use it a lot since I use my stamps so much in scrapbooking.  I often worry about stamping directly on my scrapbook page, I don't want to mess up the work I've already done.  The Mega Misti will be very handy!!!!  I think it comes out in May....I will preorder as soon as it becomes available!

Thanks for visiting today!  Leave me a comment: How often do you stamp?  What do you use your stamps most often for?  

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  1. love love love. I don't think my ww will make it here for the weekend :( But since I didn't realize I was out that tells you how much I use it. This is a great way to really oomph up the ww and showcase the pictures.

    1. Sorry but I couldn't find how to add a new comment so this will show as a reply to Jenny.
      Your cat is adorable, and the lo is absolutely fantastic. Love the stamped background, is perfect for the design.
      I don't stamp much, honestly, just do it to participate in a monthly challenge at But I enjoy seeing how others use their stamps on their creations.

  2. Well, this box to leave comments didn't show up before I wrote the "reply"....What a mystery! lol!

  3. Your cat sounds so laid back. The pictures of her are gorgeous! Love all the stamping especially the perfectly straight border!

  4. Love everything! The Gorgeous Grunge, Crumb Cake, the cat border. And of course Sammy. She is pretty!

  5. Love your altered cardstock, I rarely stamp but this looks very cool :)


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