Monday, January 11, 2016

Washi Tape and Using Stamps on Wrapping Paper

Many of  us crafters have stashes of washi tape.  We collect it, hoard it, organize it, but are sometimes stuck on how the heck do we use it?
I have been using it to wrap gifts for three years now.  I love the little extra it gives to a gift rather than using just normal tape.  Sure you can see it, THAT's the point!  I coordinate my washi to the wrapping paper.  I come up with weird combinations.  My favorite is to use washi with plain kraft wrapping paper and stamp images on the paper.  Then I let my washi go wild!!!  I pick out the craziest washi I can find and tape it UP!!!!!

I use think washi or thick washi.

My next trick that I do: I use name stamps for my kids gifts.  Often name tags get knocked off in our house, then I am left with the question: Who is this gift supposed to be for??!!!  I fixed that problem by using my name stamps for the boys.  I'm not sure where I found these stamps: I THINK I got them at crafting shows, and just happen upon all of my boys names over the years: even JESSE with just an E, because a girl.  JESSE is the boy version! I was thrilled to find it spelled right for him! As a rule on Christmas, I don't use boxes, no boxes for clothes or weird items, I wrap them the best I can.  Kids could care less about the shape.  It is a pain after the kids open to collect all the boxes and break them down and store them.  I gave all that up.  NO BOXES unless it is already in a box!  I will use gift bags, but no boxes!  I fold a shirt or hoodie really well and tight, and wrap it up. I've never had an issue.  Clean up from all the kids is a lot easier now and I don't feel like we are wasting boxes.

My favorite wrapping paper this year for Christmas was the Brother and Sister Design Studio brand from Hobby Lobby.  It was a nice weight, heavy, cut nicely and didn't rip!  I stocked up for next year!

I even got to use my Merry Christmas washi tape this year.  

This was my wrapping tools as I wrapped Christmas presents this year.

Hope you liked these ideas for your wrapping projects.  Birthdays are a great way to use that crazy print washi that you wonder why did you buy it!!! So get that washi out and use it!!!!
 Do you like to wrap gifts?  How wrapping savvy are you?  Everything perfect with bows?  Or do you wrap like a 5 year old?  (which I can TOTALLY respect!!! :) )
Leave me a comment and let me know.
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  1. Washi tape??!! I never would have thought about using it as "real tape". Yep, got a few rolls that I wonder "why did I buy this?" Lol.

    I use to not use boxes, but The Hubby likes boxes. He thinks it looks "better". Whatever. Lol. Like you said, just more to pick up.


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