Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How does the Poop Emoji and Christmas go together?

This blog starts off like a bad joke: How does the poop emoji and Christmas go together?  The punch line: they were my Christmas gifts this year!
Each year, a couple of my girlfriends and I make handmade gifts for each other.  This was my gift for them this year!!!  Who doesn't think the poop emoji is fun and use it often when texting!!!???  Come on, not just me, right??!!!
I found a pattern on Etsy to cross stitch these for the girls.  

Keeping the cross stitch simple I chose a white Aida fabric with sparkles...cause sometimes poop needs some sparkle!  

My idea was to use the inexpensive frames from Ikea that stand by themselves.  My thought was the girls could put these in their bathrooms/powder rooms.  

I cross stitched and cross stitched, and when I went to put the fabric in the frame, I didn't like the fit.  I did one, ended up moving some lettering on the piece, but decided to go bigger on the frames.

I picked these frames up from Ikea too.  Sorry for the bad photo: and I was trying out the frames so I still needed to iron the pieces.  I liked this frame best because it was all fancy.  My husband said it was to fancy for a poop emoji: I told him that's what makes it so funny! I often think he doesn't get me.......

These were some of the ones I finished.  I have one more to get done: my boys want one in their bathroom.  

I had a lot of fun cross stitching these.  I got some weird looks when I cross stitched in public.  LOL
I am already planning next year's gifts!!!


  1. How did I miss you post about the poop. I love love love mine and it looks so great in my bathroom. :) I love that it sparkles. I do now kindof want a collection so I can make a wall collage in there. Hmmm something to think about.

  2. Hey, it was such an interesting post on how does pop emoji and Christmas go. I loved reading it. You just reminded me of my family Christmas party that we had at one of the best party venues in Boston. For us it was the most enjoyable event of 2015.


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