Friday, December 30, 2016

What crafting things have I been doing???

Hello Friends,
After a long break, I am back to blogging!  I was busy during the break, with lots of crafting but also every day stuff too!  I realized when I came to write this blog, I hadn't taken as many photos of my crafting projects that I had done as I thought?!  So I only have a few to share, but I was creating a lot during this time!!  

I found felt!!!!  And I fell in LOVE with crafting with felt!!!!  This was one of the first "projects" I did with my felt.  I am obsessed with felt and stitching dies.  I found some great ones at Simon Says Stamp and Papertrey Ink.  While you can use any framelit to cut out felt (remember to use 100% wool felt), the stitching dies makes it very easy to sew them since they cut sewing holes in the cutouts already!  

My youngest even wanted to sew!  He did a great job!  He's 10 so even young kids can create some fun projects!
I made scissor keepers for some of my girlfriends out of felt.  That die came from PTI.  I made felt keychains as well, also from PTI.  They were fun gifts to make, and I made them using their favorite colors and added their initial on them!  Super fun!!!

I also made TONS of card kits for gifts.  This was one set that I made.  I did some as monogrammed cards for teachers and friends. I have a picture later of some religious ones I did as well.  I boxed up 6-8 cards per set.  I left the insides blank so they could jot a quick note to someone.  I hope the teachers find them useful!

Back to felt again: I made a door hanger, with bells.  I love this color combo.  Awful picture here....but the grey and cream with bright blue thread was stunning. 

Better picture of it on a door.  I'm still learning; on the next one I would add a piece at the end.  But this was one of my favorite projects.  Debating if I will make this as  teacher gifts for next year!

This is one of the religious cards that I made.  I boxed up a set of these as well using several different quotes.  I love how they turned out.  

Once again, an awful picture quality but I had been waiting for this cute ninja stamp set to be released from Simon Says Stamp.  I ordered it as soon as I could....ADORABLE!!!  These were some cards I made for a card set.  I used one of the new 3d embossing folders.  Those are fantastic!!!!   Great dimension!  

Here's another card from that set.  Just fun!!!

I also did TONS of crafting reorganization. I have been slowly taking over my kids playroom as my craft room.  It has become more storage for their stuff than an actual room they use.  I am now using it full time!  I replaced the light in the room, which I now have better lighting for pictures!!! (for future pictures!)  I reorganized my paper storage and bought the paper holder storage containers form Stamp n Storage.  LOVE them!!!!  Then I HAD to reorganize my growing collection of ink pads.  I bought SEVERAL holders from Stamp n Storage to store them.  I LOVE them.  Best of all, my ink pads are now easy to see, easy to grab, and right beside my desk!  I originally wanted the refill/pad storage units but I found that I could get more pad storage in my area if I stored my refills a different way.  It just made more sense for me, to get the pad storage only, and have more room...for more ink.......LOL!!!
Stamp N Storage
Here is a link to their store, at no cost to you.

I have reorganized my scrap paper storage.  I will do another post on this soon.  I finally found a system that works for me and I can get the most use out of my scraps!  
I created a big shot ikea cart, to make my Big Shot easier to use.  LOVING that!!!  I'll take pictures soon!
I'm debating on marker storage now.  But haven't figured out IF I have room to reorganize it or just leave it as is for now.  More update later!
So crafting wise I have been busy!  Unfortunately I think I was enjoying crafting so much, I didn't even think to take some pictures of the projects.  Something I will get back into the groove of doing for future blog posts.  I was also busy with the boys and the holidays.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas.  I'll also pass on good wishes for 2017!!!
I hope to do more blogging again.  I will try and do a post soon of all my crafting organization for you to see.
What projects did you create for the holiday season? Crafting? Cooking?  Anything?  Share!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!  And I'll see you again soon!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Basic plain cards.......STAMP them UP!!!!

Over the years, I have found a deal on little notecard sets.  GREAT!  I love a bargain.  Once I started stamping and making my own cards, I never could send these cards out, they are so plain....and boring.  
Don't toss those cards....and certainly don't send out boring cards.  It's time to get inky!!!!!  Grab some of your favorite stamp sets and stamp on those cards!  Add some embellishments.  Make them YOUR own!  This is what I did with these Thank You notecards that I bought awhile back on clearance. 

I used my Bella and Friends stamp to add an image and add some sequin to give the card just a little bling.  I wanted to keep these cards on the simple side because these would be going in the mail (the flatter the better to mail!).

Stamping on the inside of the card makes it even more special.  
I picked an ink color that I thought looked good with the blue notecards.  Get creative!  You can even emboss your image on the card for more texture and dimension!

I decided to play with some washi tape too.  

This was one of my favorite ones, using the washi as a ribbon on a card is a great way to add interest to the card while still keeping it flat to mail it.  I love to stamp a little something on the envelope as well. 
What do you think of these notecards?  What are your favorite embellishments to use on cards that are mailed?
Leave me a comment!
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Stampin' Up Cookie Cutter Halloween Stamp and Punch- fun cards and Halloween gift box ideas

I love Halloween!  LOVE it!!!  Of course, I had to get the new Halloween Cookie Cutter stamp and Punch set.  One of the best things about this set is that the punch also matches a Christmas set! I love products that I can use for multiple purposes.  
So Let me show of some cute cards I made with this set.

The first card I made is a tri fold card.  Now this seems fancy right??  The easiest way to put a tri fold card together is simple: make two regular card bases, and glue them together to make a tri fold.  I didn't take pictures of that because there are tons of videos on you tube and other places of how to do it.  Very easy!
The card bases I used here are actually from an older set of watercolor note cards.  They are an older set from Stampin' Up but I had them on my shelf and thought this was the perfect time to challenge myself to use them.  After all, I bought them...need to use them!!!  This is the second "page" of the tri fold card.

This is the third "page" of the tri fold card, where I would write my note at.  I love to stamp the inside of my cards with a little sometimes.  This is a great time for me to get out all my stamps I have hoarded (yes, hoarded, I admit it....I've okay with it ;) )  and use them.  I also like to stamp my envelopes too.  I find that I need to do them AS I make the cards or I forget to do them or don't have the time to do it when I am ready to send out the card.  A fun card.  I love the mummy in this set.  I think it's my favorite.....until I work with the next image and then IT'S my favorite!  I've seen a card where the designer took the mummy image and used in it a bed for a Get Well Soon card.  I thought that was brilliant!!!

This next card is using the skeleton guy from the same Cookie Cutter Halloween set.  Isn't he cute?  I used another card base from the watercolor card set, I thought the colors was divine! 
 I used some washi and sequin to make this quick card.  

The next project I used this set on is for some treat boxes.  I want to put some heresy kisses in the treat boxes and give them out to a couple of coworkers and friends. The treat box die is from Lawn Fawn.  I used the stamp set on the tag.  But used lots of goodies on these: washi, ribbon, old Halloween DSP, glimmer paper!  Fun!!!

Notice the little bow tie?  It is part of the punch set.  I love the bow tie cut out in glimmer paper!

This stamp set is a lot of fun to play with!  I couldn't put it down!!  
Thanks for stopping by and see my links for any products used in this post.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Sequins Storage Idea

I have found a new love, and it is called sequins!!!  Brads seem to be phasing out of paper crafting, but I will say, I still love a brad or two!  ;)  I love buttons in my crafting too but find that they can be to bulky at times, especially for cards that need to be mails.  Sequins is my new favorite embellishment!  They are very light so they don't add extra bulk.  They can come in every shape, size and color!  They are SHINY!!!!  I love sequins!!!  
Now the next question is: how am I going to store all these new pretties?  I went back to my tried and true binder storage.  These are actually found in the jewelry section of your big box crafting stores.  You can also find them on amazon too. They are called Craft Mates Lockables. I have also have a Brads binder and a button binder in the Craft Mates.   I like these containers because each individual section "locks" so you don't accidentally spill your pretties everywhere!  They also don't let the sequins mix with each other, so nothing slides out between sections.  

I ordered some of the bigger compartments for some of my sequins that I had more of.  These containers slide in and out of the binder so you can interchange them. 

Do you like sequins?  Do you use the Craft Mates Lockables?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of them!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love the Olympics? Olympic inspired Bark Box!!

Are you watching the Olympics?  I've caught bits and pieces of the Olympics and all the news updates of big wins.  This month's Bark Box is PERFECT!!!  Olympic inspired!!! 

I'll show the treats first.  I liked the variety this month.  I am sure Levi and Otis will enjoy them, as always!

There was a card included, you put it on your dog's collar and take a picture for the Bark Box website.  Neither Levi or Otis were feeling like posing today!  LOL

The toys this month are absolutely the cutest!!!  I'm pretty sure I say this with all the boxes, but these are super cute!!!  I love the torch, and the wrester is a hoot!!!  The rope on the wrestler's legs side, so sometimes I find him with one short leg and one really long leg!  Otis likes to drag him around....I find him in odd places in my house. 

There was also I liver chew treat......and it's already gone....Levi says "it was yummy"....while licking his lips!!! 

I loved this box!  Super cute!  And best of all the dogs loved it too. We opt for the extra toy, that's why we get three toys.  If you are interested in getting the Bark Box:

Thanks for stopping by!
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