Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stampin' Up Weekly Deals 3/31/15

Weekly Deals are up!  I can always find something I like on the weekly deals but this week, I like it ALL!!!!  What great deals!  Plus today is last day of Sale-a-Bration - to earn MORE free products!  Combining  the weekly deals and earn sale-a-bration items would be awesome!!

I love my Magnetic platform for framelits!  I'm not sure I have ever seen it on sale before!  Good time to pick it up if you don't already have this handy Big Shot tool!
And do I need to say how much I love framelits?!!!!  All these are very handy sets!  I love the tags set!  It is not limited to the matching stamp set- tons of stamps fit in those framelits!
While square framelits may not seem exciting, they are awful handy!  Especially for layering!  
The only item I don't already have are the new Fun Frames textured embossing folders....so guess what I am ordering!!!!
I have so many framelits, I even had to come up with a new way for me to store them.  If you have checked out my framelit storage post, click here:  http://3monkeysthrowingaroundsomepaper.blogspot.com/2013/08/framelits-storage.html
and I do love embossing folders, so I showed my storage solution here:
I still use both of these storage methods and find they work best for me!  
Check out the Weekly Deals below, and please post any questions you have about any of the items:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Question of the Week!

This is the first post of it's kind on my blog, but if it generates a lot of talk, it can become a regular post!
Today's Question of the Week:

What is the most amazing stamping/scrapbooking/card making tool that you own or would like to own?  And of course, share with us why?!!!!  Leave your response in the comments!

Stay tuned!  I am planning a post to reveal mine most amazing crafting tool!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stampin' Up Clearance Rack Updated 3/25/15

The Stampin' Up Clearance rack has been updated to include new items!!!!  Clearance rack items tend to go fast, so if there is something you are interested in, don't hesitate.  Some items has lasted just hours in the past!  Once these items are gone, Stampin' Up will not get them back in.
Happy Shopping!!

For clearance rack items: click on the link above, click on the shop tab, then on the left hand side, click Clearance Rack.  

Using up that DSP! Scrapbooking Layouts

Sharing another layout today.  This was another quick one that I wanted to use up some of my DSP.  Do you ever get a DSP and think it is great, but never get around to using it?  This happened with this one.  I love the distressed check background, but I never used it!?  I love when you can use the DSP to make your titles too!  Simple and Easy!!! This picture seemed to work with the cage picture!  LOL!  This does kinda freak me out a bit since I just got done watching American Horror Story and this season was the freak show.  Anyone else watch?  It was so freaky, but I couldn't STOP watching!!!!  The circus part of this paper just reminds me of the show!
I always end up with these silly pictures of my kids, I often wonder if I have NORMAL pictures of my kids??!!!  (I do, but the silly ones outweigh the normal ones!) I promise, Jesse got in the cage on his own free will, to "test"it out in the pet store.  His brother actually shut the door, and locked it.....yes brotherly love!!!! (and took the picture, then I told him to text it to me!!!  LOL).  No kids were harmed in the making of this photo!!!!  

This layout used up some  left overs- I have had the wood veneer piece forever and since it was so bulky, I tried to keep the rest of it pretty simple.

I actually used ribbon.  It is hard for me to use ribbon, I actually have to think about using ribbon on layouts.  Do you use a lot of ribbon?  What is your favorite way to use it on a layout or card?  Most unusual use of ribbon?  

Thanks for stopping by.  All products except the wood veneer are Stampin' Up supplies, you can find them at my website:
www.michellemcgraw.stampinup.net or I included the links of current products below:

Product List

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stampin' Up Weekly Deals 3-24-15

It is once again Tuesday, which means WEEKLY DEALS from Stampin' Up!!!  The Artisan Label punch is one of my favorite punches- it also has several matching stamp sets!  (one which is on the weekly deals list too!!!)
Fringe scissors- these make me so happy!!!  I'm not even sure why!!  I bought mine when they first came out, but as spring is fast approaching I need to dig them back out - think spring cards, Easter projects, summer projects- nothing is easier to make grass with than fringe scissors!
Thanks for stopping by!
For all your Stampin' Up needs, check out:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Alphabet Stamps and Kiwi Lane Design Templates for a Layout

I'm back today sharing another layout using my Kiwi Lane Design Templates.  I love these templates!!!!  They really make good use of those left over scraps of DSP when you are scrapping.  Do you have the Kiwi Lane templates?  What do you think of them?

This was a quick layout.  For my title, I used the Epic Alphabet stamp set.  Using alphabet stamps for titles is quick and easy and I don't have to worry about running out of letters from sticker sheets!  Stampin' Up's new photopolymer alphabet stamps make creating my titles super easy since I can see where I am stamping!

The butterfly is leftover from an October Afternoon kit.  

I even got use out of a little piece of left over doily!
I love using what I have in my stash and getting the most use out of it!
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stamp Index, Keeping track of all those stamps! Evernote & Crafting!

Craft organization is always changing and evolving, at least for me.      Of course, we all have to organize our supplies so we can find all those goodies that we hoard....I mean collect!!!  
I have blogged about my stamp binder/index before.  I had a big binder of all my stamp images in it, categorized so I could see what stamps I had in each category. Easy right?  Well, my binder was HUGE!  I stamped and stamped all my images one weekend....okay, it might have taken two weekends.  My fingers were sore, I was tired, and didn't want to stamp for awhile!  I stamped and stamped, I stamp the images into every category I thought they  fit into.  Then I sold some sets, and my index needed to be updated.  UGH!!!  So I decided a huge binder wasn't the answer.  My new found idea was smaller binder, and I would just make a copy of the front of the stamp set as I bought them.  I put the whole stamp set into the category the stamps in the set mostly fit into.  This worked, but it was annoying to make the copies, I was out of ink for my copier, or paper, or both!  And the downfall,was often a stamp set fit into several categories, but my system didn't help with that.  
I needed something new, I wasn't looking forward to the process.......until I read about Evernote.  This has changed my crafting!!!  It was literally the easiest organizing I have ever done.  I read about the app on Friday and decided to give it a try.  It took a little over a day to do all my stamp sets, but I have a lot.....278 stamp sets....according to my new evernote organization!  And most of the time challenge was waiting for my phone to recharge since my battery life sucks!  
So how does it work?  You create a "note".  I use the title of my stamp set (the title is also searchable).  I typed any information into the note- number in set, what catalog the stamp set first appeared in, whether the stamp is retired or current, price, and what type of stamp set it is (photopolymer, clear mount, or wood).  The next part is just as easy, I took a picture of the stamp set, I used the app on my phone to do most of the work.  You can also get an image of the stamp set of the Internet if you would rather, or use the desktop version.   The last step is the hardest.....not really but this is the part you have to think about: tagging.  You create tags for each stamp set.  The tags make the stamp set searchable.  The idea is to look at each stamp in the set, make sure all stamps have a tag, it might be multiple tags, be detailed as possible.  For one stamp set, I might have: Christmas sentiments, Santa, snowflake, Christmas, gifts, tags, snowman.  All these tags are for one set.  I can now search for all my stamp sets.  If I need a heart, I search heart, and all my stamp sets come up that have a heart in them.  It brings up the photo and I now have a visual picture of each stamp set that I can reference to see if the set will work for my project.  Not only does this cut down on my searching, I use my stamps more. I can use my laptop or my phone!  I can search when buying new stamp sets, if I already have a stamp set....and yes, in doing this, I realized I had a duplicate of a set.  DOH!!!  I can also search to see if I need a stamp set.  If I search sports, and find that I have no stamp sets, I might need to get the new stamp set that I loved!  Or if I search Thanks, and find that I have 15 stamp sets that would work, I might need to pass on a stamp set with Thanks in it.   I LOVE using stamps.  I no longer buy stickers.  I use my stamps instead.  I feel like my crafting dollars are better used on stamps that I can use over and over again.  But a stamp index is a must!!!  This new system is a WIN!!!  
Evernote is wonderful!  There is an app and also a computer version.  They sync together with Internet connection.  Both the app and computer versions are free.  The free version does have limited storage.  The paid version has more storage.  The paid version also syncs without Internet.  Either way, Evernote is life changing!!!!  I am loving it.  All my stamps are now nicely organized, I can reference them quickly.  
Do you use Evernote?  How do you use it in your crafting?  Tips or tricks you want to share?
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Using Washi Tape to make a Background

I love washi tape!  I hoard it!  I see more washi tape and I have to have it!!!  It is really a sickness.  What do you use washi tape for?
This was one of the easiest and quickest layouts.  It started with the chevron paper.  Who doesn't like chevrons?  The back and white paper kept it simple so I add the accent color of pink since it match the photo so well....yes, one of the few selfies I scrapped!!!  LOL!  
I used the washi tape to make the background on the black paper.  I really liked how it turned out.  Simple and easy!

I know some washi tape comes with tape cutters but I never use them, I love the jagged edges of washi tape!  
This is a mix of naked buttons as I like to call them and threaded buttons.  Do you keep buttons naked?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Soho DSP and Homeschooling Layout and Stampin' Up Role Model in CASING a Layout

I can not take credit for this layout, it was my scrapping friend, Jenny  at http://lovemyrandomness.blogspot.com that used this layout at a retreat. I loved it so much I had to case it!!!  I love when you scrap on a retreat, you see something you love and want to try, often the layouts turn out totally different from the inspiration.  It is fun to try new things.  Some people online get very annoyed with people casing anything they do.  I have two trains of thought on this: 1) Never put something online that you don't want the world to see and use.  Besides, I often wonder when I have a great idea myself, "I can't be the first person that thought of putting buttons on this way or using a stamp with way. "   2) even if the layouts (the original and the case one)  did look  the same, it is going in two different books right??!!!  No one is going to flip through your scrapbook and say "wow, this was X layout!!!".  And some people online want to be noted for a case- so if you use it in your personal book, how and why are you going to note it?  On the back of the layout?  I could care less about that!  What is the point of that??   Case away!!!  It just means, you like what I did enough to try it yourself.  Stampin' Up is a big CASE supporter. I try and keep that role model alive in my scrapbooking! (only time that doesn't apply is if you are submitting your work for a publication- they should be original work.) 
Okay, now to the layout!
This DSP is quite busy for me.  Not my norm.  I thought it looked great with the city map and the mud brick layout.  The boys were studying how Egyptians made their houses, using mud bricks.  Of course, they had to try it!!!

These stamps are an old Stampin' Up construction set.  I honestly can't remember the name, but I always buy the boys stamp sets.  I loved how Jenny used a set of three stamps popped up on dimensions and using the starburst framelits to create the embellishment for the page.  Of course, that was one element that I had to use on my page!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you don't follow this blog- take a second and click the follow me button on the right!  I love new crafting friends!  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bird paper? What the heck am I going to use that for?? CAT layout!!!!

I really try and challenge myself to use all my DSP that I have.  Sometimes, it is easy.  I recently got a pack of DSP that I adored, I quickly made 5 layouts with it!  I went on to use every scrap of that paper.  I loved the colored, I loved the patterns.  Easy.  But what happens when you don't love the paper?  Or maybe the colors aren't colors that you normally scrap in?  The patterns are blah?  Maybe the paper is old and just not your style anymore?  This happened to me at the scrapbook retreat in November.  I had challenged myself to use up some of my older DSP packs.  I hate to throw good paper away.  I had several days to scrap.  The challenge was on.   I guess I wanted a SUPER challenge because while packing for the retreat, I forgot to restock my solid card stock paper in my to-go bag.  I was left to use what I had.  Of course, my scrapping buddies offered me card stock to borrow but I tried really hard to use what I had.  Perfect way to use up everything!!!
I came across a very old DSP pack.  Oh boy, the colors weren't what I use.  The paper was kinda drab and boring.  How was I going to use this??  Then I got an idea, birds....perfect for a CAT picture!!!!  I think this paper was originally a baby themed package?  Maybe?  It's so old, I can't even remember the name of it.  I know it is Stampin' Up DSP.  So this is how I used up the paper!

I have to say the feather, which was the best part of this page came from my scrapping buddy!  I loved how it added to the page, it really made the them pop!

The buttons and tree die cut are from October Afternoon.  

The butterfly die cut is also from October Afternoon. 

I was even using up some old ribbon!  

Overall, this was a great way to use up a lot of miscellaneous supplies. I think it turned out pretty good! What was the hardest paper you had to use up?  Why?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I don't buy stickers for my scrapbooking!

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I love using stamps!  That is the number one reason I became a Stampin' Up demo.  I love using my stamps that I hoard collect on my layouts. One of my favorite ways to do this is using them in titles!  It is a great use of stamps.  Try it!  When scrapping one day, look through your stamps and see what you can use as titles for your layouts! This is a mini challenge that I do often at a day of scrapping.  I challenge myself to use as many of my stamps as I can on my layouts.  I am often surprised at the number of ways I can use the stamps that I have.  They don't always have to be titles, captions, embellishments. Using stamps for embellishments is a great way to use them!  Pair them with some framelits for some great die cut embellies and you have a great accent on your page that you can use over and over again, in new and unusual ways!   I love inking those stamps up!  (and it makes me feel less guilty when I can use them over and over!!!).  I rarely buy stickers for my scrapping.  I hate using a sticker once and being done with it.  I would hoard my sticker looking for the perfect page.  Often not using it because I didn't think the page was special enough, or I might have a page that would be better suited for that sticker!  Then it would get lost, damaged, or just plain, out of my style of scrapping by the time I got around to using it!  No more!!! 
 One of the great things about Stampin' Up is that the paper coordinates with the ink.  It makes it easy for me to make titles or embellies  that match my papers exactly!  No more stickers that kinda match, but not really!

Some of my favorite pictures come from my cell phone camera.  Actually MOST of my pictures these days come from my cell phone.  I'm not sure the last time I took my point and shoot camera out!!!  Some of my favorite pictures end up being these silly little nothing pictures.  Nothing exciting is happening, we aren't anywhere especially exciting unless you think a trip to Ikea is exciting (okay, I secretly do!!!!  I LOVE Ikea!!!).  But my point is that, these are the pictures that I really love to scrap.  My boys just being themselves.  Sweet smiles, silly things, messy kids!  

One of our favorite things about Ikea is the lunch!  Nothing fancy but it is fun, especially on a cold winter day.  The cafeteria over looks the parking lot with big windows.  We always enjoy going to eat a lunch at Ikea!  (Have you tried their Swedish meatballs??!!! YUM!!!)

As always, if I can help you with any Stampin' Up products, please visit my website, you can even shop in your jammies, which you can't do at Ikea....well.....I guess you could! 
Thanks for stopping by!!
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