Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What have I been Cross Stitching??

Trying out a new picture for this blog post!  My stitching glasses & my Princess Leia needle minder- probably my most used tools!

What have I been Cross Stitching?

I have been working on my Cowardly Lion pattern from Mystic Stitch.  It is coming along, you can see more of the path and the trees, and just a HINT of the lion!  I've been having fun with this one.  It will be beautiful when it is done. 
I am trying to figure out how I am going to use this smaller frame to stitch with.  I guess I am going to have to move it over so I can start the next page- page 3.  I am still waiting on my scroll frame from needle needs....and trying to make do until it gets here.  I can really see how a scroll frame will help and keep my work neater on bigger jobs.

This is the finished pattern I am working on.  I have a long way to go......

I switched out my cross stitch board.  I know it is still summer weather, but with the kids back to school in our area, I am ready for fall.  I put up some fall stitches.  Maybe if I am ready for fall, it will make the weather seem cooler??  

Sorry for the yellowish picture, I had to shut the blinds so the glass didn't reflect on the picture, but then it was to dark.  Anyways, this was the best I could do at the time of day.  These are some patterns by Praire Schooler- one of my favorites to stitch.
Nice fall leaves, and some animals!

I really like the turkey in this set.  Very Fall-ish!

The deer is why I really wanted to stitch this  set.  So pretty!

I used some marbled fabric I had, I think it worked well with the colors.

I also switch out my board by the front door.  This is a smaller board so I use my Pottery Barn Christmas Ornaments on them.  I have them in red frames and silvery/goldish- both are pretty but the red ones are my favorite. 

I love this material- it was super soft which was a little more challenging to work on and then later cut.  But it was so pretty finished, it was worth it.  

This is another fall set from Praire Schooler.  My favorite part of stitching these minis, is picking out my material.  Since I am doing a set of four, I have to have enough material to do all of the set on them.  As long as it is big enough, I can play around with whatever material looks best with the pattern.  For the last little bit, I have been using material just from my stash.  (I have a big stash.....ssssshhhh, it's  a hobby!!!)  It has been fun to see what I can make work from what I have bought over the years.  

Sorry about the side ways picture....I didn't notice until I had the post typed and couldn't change it then!  These are the set I just took down- out of the frames.  I use No-Fray on the edges, and let it dry completely.  Then I can store them and they don't unravel.  They go into the frames and then I remove them and store in plastic baggies in my stitching box.  These are Summerology from Trilogy I think. This picture doesn't show it well but the material had a sparkle to it.  

This is the other set that I just changed out.  Another Praire Schooler pattern.  I put these up for the Fourth of July but loved them so much I left them out for a bit.  

I am also still working on my last silhouette of the Disney Princesses.  I am only working on this when I am out of the house with time.  So if I am waiting on Kyle at practice, I stitch.  I have worked on it while Jesse is at swim.  It is slower going this way but at least I am still stitching and see progress.  

So that's what I have been up to.  What project are you currently working on?  And Happy Stitching! Leave me a comment!
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