Thursday, August 20, 2015

Using the Kiwi Lane Design Templates......yes again!!!

You know I love my Kiwi Design Templates!  I'm sharing another layout with you today but first wanted to share another thought about the templates:
This summer, my oldest had an honors English project to do.  He had to read a book from an American author and do one of four project options using the book.  Kyle asked permission from his teacher if he could use the Game of Thrones series for his project.  His teacher said "of course".  (I LOVE his school!!!)  Since he was on book 2 working into book 3- he decided to do a character scrapbook as his project.  Oh as a scrapper myself....I was so happy!!!!  It was so hard not to walk in there and take over as he was working!!!  I REALLY REALLY wanted to!!  I gave him the suggestion of using the Kiwi Lane Design templates to help him get some decoration for his project.  They are easy to use, and if you aren't a scrapper, it makes scrapbooking look really easy!  He didn't use them on every layout, but he used them a lot in his scrapbook.  It turned out nice!  I can't wait to see what grade he gets on it!!!
If you have kids that like to scrapbook, Kiwi Lane Design templates are a great tool for them to use as well!  

Okay, back to the layout I am sharing today:

I loved this paper with it's bright colors, but I did need to break it up some with some solid colors.   Those templates really help to use those pieces you didn't think you would use in your paper!!

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  1. Love the colors and the templates!!! I want to see Kyle's pages. I bet he did a great job.


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