Thursday, July 23, 2015

What have I been up to with my Cross Stitching?? Cross Stitch Progress!

It's been awhile since I posted any cross stitch stuff, so today is the day!  Did I share this set with you yet?  Can't remember but I do enjoy it!  This was a fun set to do.  Quick set for the Fourth Of July.   Of course this is the only picture I have of the set, I hadn't washed or cut them yet.  This pattern is from Blue Ribbon Designs called Americana Panorama.

I started on my Wizard of Oz set from Brooke's Books.  I loved this set and bought it when I was in Vegas.  They have the BEST cross stitch store there!  I spent at least an hour in there! husband may say I stayed longer!   I'll show you my favorite find from that store down below!

I didn't snap a single picture of the Lion, somehow I forgot to do that.  Here is the Wicked Witch.  I loved these patterns but I can honestly say I did NOT love all the metallic threads. 

The tin man- Owen loved this one the most.  And yes, it dawned on me that the tin man was actually a robot......yes, I just got that part!!!  Owen was thrilled when he saw the robot man.....LOL!!!


Here is the only picture I have of the Lion, he was my favorite. I stitched him first.  I really like how they all look together.  They will look great up for my cross stitch board.  Something different!!!!
And did you catch that the fabric was green sparkles?  After all, it was in Emerald City right?!

This was my find in Vegas.  This HOT pink fabric.  I loved it.  Unfortunately it was only sold by the half yard, which is a lot of fabric when you do small projects.  I couldn't pass it up though.  I bought it!  It was pricey but I'm so glad I got it!  I really wanted a girly project for it!  I found those Disney Silhouette princesses which I thought were perfect for the hot pink fabric.  Tinkerbell was my first that I did.

This material is hard to photograph.  It looks very bright in light.  Same fabric as the picture before, just not good lighting.  The Little Mermaid was next!

Pocohontas was next.  My boys don't do many Disney princesses.  Pocohontas was one that my boys would watch.  I had to stitch her!!
I am working on the last of the set, Cinderella.  It was hard to decide which princesses to do, there were 9 on the pattern.  I choose my favorites.  Cinderella was one of the first Disney movies I remember going to the theatre to see when I was little.  I still think it is a good movie today!
  Hope you enjoyed a different than normal post!  How many cross stitchers are there out there!!???  Leave me a comment and let me know, if you stitch, what are your favorite projects to do?  If you don't stitch yet, do you want to learn to stitch?  Maybe you stitched in the past?  What would bring you back to the hobby?  I stitch as I was tv.  I feel very weird about sitting and watching tv without doing anything.  I keep my stitching right near my tv spot.  At least I feel like I am doing something while I sit!!  
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  1. You are really making me want to pick up cross stitching again. I love love love the princess ones. Of course then I would have to get a display for them like you have :)

    1. I'm thinking of doing a blog post on how to make one. They are really really easy! Especially if you have an handy husband that will drill four holes for you!!! Really, four holes and you got it!


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