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TV Talk- Humans, Mr Robot, Zoo, Tryant, Walking Dead, and Last Ship

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Spoilers AHEAD!!!!!!!

Humans:  I finally got to watch.  I had 3 episodes to watch to catch up on.  It was a nice binge watch and now I'm hooked and caught up to date. This show isn't about what I thought it would be, but I really like the path it is taking.  So basically we have robots (synth) that look and act, for the most part, human, but still robots.  BUT.....there are some robots that are more than that, they can feel, they can think- so far we have seen 5 like this. To confuse us even more, there are some humans that might have been saved with synth technology, so are they human or synth?  Last week's episode we saw Joe, the dad, apparently got a little frisky with Anita, the family synth.  Opps!!!  And then the daughter found out from hacking her coding and assumed it was her brother which  she thought was sick.  Come to find out, nope, it was dad....even creepier!!!  Joe told Laura, and Laura threw him out of the house.  SO.......thoughts?  Think having sex with the synth was cheating?

Mr. Robot:  This is my first summer casualty.  It just doesn't hold my interest.  I can't get over the main character's oddness- I know it is a personality trait of him, but it is painful to watch and listen to.  It is officially deleted off my DVR....bye, bye Mr. Robot.  

Zoo- I have to saw, I am addicted!  I love Billy Burke so seeing him in this show is great!  I love the story.  It keeps it interesting.  It is James Patterson- how can you go wrong with that backing anyways!!!???  

Tyrant- I have loved this show from day one.  It gets better and better.  This season has been even better than the last one.  It is great to see Bassam, Barry, fighting for his country but I am foreshadowing some REALLY hurt feelings from his family when they find out he is actually still  alive.  Plus, I think Barry will end up with the new girl, who is from his country and understands the fight.  Something Molly will never understand, especially after it claimed his life as he knows it.  I am waiting to see her reaction when she finds out Barry is really alive.  This week was sad to see Adhmed's wife lose the baby and then for her to say she was living only for the baby.  I'm thinking the family will force her out now that she can't produce an heir.  Nusrat, Adhmed's wife, has lost everything, her father, her baby, I'm thinking she might be the next to join the fight against the Al- Fayeeds.  Was I the only one that cheered last night when Barry killed his friends' daughter?  She got on my nerves from day one....bye-bye crazy girl!!!! And Molly found her a new man!!!!!  

Pretty Little Liars:  Just show us who A is at this point, we know it is Charles, but who is Charles.  It has to end up being someone we already know, right??  Guesses???   I'll give you MY guess- we will see that it is Jason.  At the end of this season, we will see Jason.  Everyone will THINK it is Jason.  BUT, I think it will be Jason's evil twin.  Giving the book it's credit, but twisting it for tv.  OR....someone that we know to be long dead, maybe from season 1- that really isn't dead.  Okay....I have no idea!!!!!  

Last Ship:  I enjoyed this week's more.  I am glad they are headed back to the ship again.  We apparently have a new President.   Who watches this show?  Thoughts?

Falling Skies:  Poe was bad, then he was good but on the outside, then he was good, now he is really really bad again.  And bald is NOT a good look for him!!!!  But it does make him look more evil than his long hair.  And where did Tom get taken off to now??!!!!

I have been rewatching Walking Dead since they did a season 1 marathon the other day.  I can watch this show over and over.  It contains everything that I like in a show: good looking guys, end of the world dilemma, having to rebuild society, finding your place in the world when everything has gone to hell and figuring out what type of person you are going to be in this new apocalypse.  Lori still gets on my nerves.  She gets mad at Shane, plots Rick against him, then gets mad at Rick because Rick has to kill Shane.  I'm glad a walker ended up eating her.  

Tut:  Who watched?  It was a three part mini series.  I thought it was well done.  I wish they had made it a show, I think it could have been a good drama, loosely based on history.  Overall, I enjoyed it.  Thoughts?

What shows do you rewatch over and over again?  Ready for the new show Fear of the Walking Dead!!!???

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  1. Oh WOW let's see. I still have Mr Robot on the Tivo but haven't watched yet. Same with zoo. LOL PLL so is the new girl that was down with them part of the A team? She seems sketchy to me. I mean why is she conveniently not with the other girls when all the good stuff happens. I'm very ready for Fear the Walking Dead and regular walking dead. Oh random but it one of my EWs they called Fear the Walking Dead aka The time before Rick wakes up. LOL I about busted out laughing.


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