Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another week of TV Talk- Zoo, The Last Ship, and Falling Skies

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This TV Talk post will be shorter than normal since I am still trying to catch up on my shows since we were on vacay last week.

Last Ship:  I am all caught up.  I thought the last couple of episodes were getting better.  I enjoy the new army guy with the accent, what is his name?? YUMMY!!!  So this new enemy group wants the cure to stop the cure from being spread because they think the ones that are immune should take over the world?  I'm still a little fuzzy on that one.  

Zoo:  I watched last week's episode last night.  I am really enjoying this show.  I like that they are going all over the world to show the animals impact.  So what's up with the adoptive parents?  Are they wanting the little boy or not?  Their comments were odd, how were they going to entertain a little boy for two days?  But from what it seems, we don't need to worry about the new dad....he's a goner!!!  I am glad that the guy made it out of the tree, I liked his character.  Oh and the creeper cats in the tree....yikes!!!  I have to say I pet my cat Sammy a little more last night, just in case she thought about being mean.   Doesn't Zoo come on tonight???

Falling Skies:  I still like the show but I am glad this is the last season.  Not sure the show has me hooked like it did in the past.  I will watch this season till the end since it is the last though.  What's up with the bugs??!!!!  

The Brink:  I am LOVING this show.  It is fast paced.  Jack Black is awesome.  So is the secretary of state...he is a hoot!!!!!  What's up with him and his wife??!!!  

I haven't had time to watch Humans yet and I am not caught up with Mr. Robot either.  I can't wait to see The Fear of the Walking Dead in August!!!!  The trailer looks good- is it me, or do the walkers look different?  Could just be the trailer?  And who has seen the trailer for Walking Dead Season 6??!!! Looks awesome! Should we start taking bets who dies first this season??  I suspect Glen might be in trouble this season, certainly hope not!!!!  I love Glen!!!

I have TV to watch!!!!  

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