Monday, June 22, 2015

TV Talk- Summer Shows 2015

I am totally stealing this idea from my girlfriend, Jenny, at: , TV Talk!!!  She does some great posts about her favorite TV shows, check them out.

I'm not sure when summer shows became such big hits.  Didn't summer programing used to kinda suck??  The idea that most people were outside, enjoying the longer daylight hours and wonderful weather?  So when did all these summer previews and hit shows begin?? I'm not sure, but I like it......

Summer 2015 is officially here, as of yesterday.  And summer programming has already begun.  Here are some of my returning favorites and some new ones that I am excited to try out:

Tryant:  This is season 2 for Tryant.  I love this show.  It is so different from anything else on tv right now.  Season 1 was great, season 2 started out already on a big emotional swing!  Tryant is on FX so it is easy to catch older shows and DVR in off hours if it conflicts with other shows since the rerun the episodes often.

Pretty Little Liars:  I am not sure what season it is technically on now.  Just when I think I'm done watching, the show drags me in again! Charles Who???   PLL is on ABC Family. 

Aquarius: This is a new show this season.  I am loving it.  It is about Charles Mason and his "Family" and follows the cops during that era. It is based on Mason but is not historically accurate and has creative licenses!  Good drama and not just a cop drama for those that don't like cop dramas.   I like that it isn't all about Mason, because let's face it, that kinda weirdness can only be handled in small doses.   I am amazed that the cops get away acting like they do, but those were the times, so different from now.  But the heart of the show is Mason.  As one of Americas' infamous killers, how is this small odd little man able to control and keep so many of his family members together and able to get them to commit murder for him?  I believe past episodes are online so it is easy to catch up!

Last Ship is in it's second season.  It is a good show, plus it has Doctor Dreamy or is it Steamy in it??  Who cares??!!  It has a bunch of hot guys in uniform in it!!!  It's a good drama.  My son loves watching this show too.

This is the last season for Falling Skies.  I have watched this show from the beginning.  It actually was one of the first shows that my teenage show and I watched together.  It is a good alien apocalypse show.  I will be sad to see it end but hope they tie up all the loose ends this season. 

A HBO show.  I missed last night's premier so I need to try and DVR it this week.  Since it is HBO, they will reshow it.  Looks interesting and even funny.  With Jack Black in it I know I will like it.  I'll let you know what I think after I watch the first episode.

Mr. Robot  This one is on USA.  I'm not 100% sure about this one but I'll give it a chance.  Unless, it gets so complicated it makes my head hurt!!  ;)  This one start June 24th.

Humans: It is on AMC starting June 28th.  This is another one that I am on the fence about but I'll give it a shot.  I think this is going to be a cautionary tail of technology, guess we'll see.  

Zoo: This is the one that I maybe most exciting about.  Animals going crazy- check.  Hot hot Billy Burke- check!  I'm least to try it out!  It is on CBS starting June 30th.

Tut:  This is one of my unusual ones that I am excited to watch.  First off, I'm not sure there is anything else like it on tv, which always interests me.  It has the guy, Avan Jogia, from Twisted in it.  He is dreamy!!!  In the previews, looks like he does an awesome job with the role!  Much much different from a teenage drama!  This one is on spike tv starting July 19th. 

What others am I missing?  Leave me a comment!!!

And of course, I can't leave out, The Fear of the Walking Dead, although there has been no release date yet.  

What are your favorite summer shows?  Are you planning on checking out any of these new shows?

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  1. I need to look into some of these. I haven't heard about them all before.

    I agree when did summer tv get so good. I love that the shows really push the boundaries in the summer which makes them that much more fun ;)


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