Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TV Talk! Spoilers Ahead!!!!

It's TV Talk time again this week:

I am linking up with Jenny again this week at lovemyrandomness: http://lovemyrandomness.blogspot.com/2015/06/tv-talk-tuesday_30.html

Spoilers ahead so you have been warned!!!

Tryant:  This week's episode was good as was the first one.  I didn't think Barry was going to be killed, especially when I saw they lead the guy out with a bag over his head.  Glad they didn't kill him but I hope Barry gets a shave and a hair cut soon.......and speaking of hair cuts, why did Jamal shave?  He looked meaner with hair!  LOL!!  It looks like Jamal's son is going to play a bigger part this year.  I'm glad, I think he has a good story line.  But back to Barry's....well not Barry's hanging.  It was sad to see Leila sad over Barry's death, or what they all think is Barry's death. You could tell Leila loves him,  he was her first love, and she is very very good at keeping that from Jamal.  Think Jamal's son will end up being actually Barry's son?  We don't know yet if that time line works or not since we've only had some flashbacks but it could be!!!! Obviously leaving Barry in the desert is going to come back to haunt Jamal.  I can't wait to see Molly find out Barry isn't really dead.  They have all done such a good job with the emotional scenes.  Molly breaking down in Barry's car, I got teary!  So do you think Molly will go back once she finds out Barry is alive?  

The Brink:  I have to say, I normally don't watch 30 minute shows.  This one goes by fast and is pretty fast paced so far.  And FUNNY!!! (HBO) Of course, with Jack Black, you expect that!  I am LOVING it!!!  I love that Walter, Mr. Secretary, is so sex crazed!  Even in the middle of trying to hold off a war, he is trying to hook up, or order lunch!!  I really see this show earning some awards- very well done.  I loved Zeke and his co-pilot - mixing up the pills during an air flight....the air flight that is supposed to blow up the nukes!!  The puke in the aircraft as something I could have NOT seen....as I am sure they wished too!  I think they are in a wee bit of trouble!!!!  

Pretty Little Liars:  This is always a show I watch on DVR, mainly because I can never remember when it is in season, out of season, or when it comes on.  I don't think I am caught up yet.  So let me see if I get this right, the guy that held the girls is Charles.  Charles is Allison's brother, but supposedly dead.  I start to get confused, so is he dead, not dead, or someone else took his name?  It has been interesting to see what happened to the girls when they were locked up.  And of course to see them struggling with it all now.  

Aquarius:  I thought it was kinda boring this week, but I guess we need weeks like that to get all the story.  I want to see more of "the family" and to see how Charlie builds his family.  

Mr. Robot:  One show in, and I'm still watching.  It is a little odd, slow going sometimes, and I can see where maybe this is one that is going to flip flop sides so many times, I lose interest.  But we'll see.  I am hoping Elliot becomes less weird and anti social and easier to relate to.  And what is up with Mr. Robot??  Is he good, is he bad?  Is he being controlled by the 1% or trying to stop the 1%.....see I'm confused, but will watch again.

Last Ship:  This week's was good.  Not a whole lot of action, but the crew found some of their families.  The ship teamed up with more forces, so maybe some new characters coming.  And obviously we need to be scared of the weird group that think because they aren't sick, they are the chosen ones.  I'm glad the captain sent his kids and dad to stay in the US- he certainly can't hook up with his kids there, and of course we all want to see some hook ups!!!!  

Falling Skies:  I liked that the skidders were a threat again, even if it was short lived.  I didn't like how easy the OverLord was to kill, after all they are supposed to be so smart.  Gotta wonder who was showing Tom were they are?  I'm not sure this season is going to be as good as the past, but I hope since it is their last season, they wrap it up nicely.  And I really really hope all this is not some one's dream!!!!  That would make me mad!!!

Humans:  I saw this DVRd last night but I haven't watched it yet.  I'm gonna give it a try.  I'll let you know next week what I think.

Zoo:  I can't wait for this one!  Is it this week??!!!

So now comes the other part, what reruns do you watch regularly?  I tape  Friends and Walking Dead - love both of those, I can rewatch them over and over!  That's it for this week!
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  1. Thanks for joining the link up!!!
    I recorded Mr Robot but haven't watched yet. I don't record Friends but it is always on so I watch it alot LOL I turn on Bones and Castle during the day while I'm working on stuff and they just started reshowing Buffy so I'm watching that too. I don't normally record many non-current shows since I have so much current to watch.


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