Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why any dog lover NEEDS the Hot Diggity Dog stamp from Stampin' Up!!!!

As many of my blog readers know, I am a huge believer in using what you have in crafting and getting the  most out of your supplies.  I no longer buy stickers for my scrapbooking. (except alphabets and I am working on getting more alphabet stamps so I don't even have to do that any more!).  When I first starting scrapbooking, in 1997- there were some very basic cut out shapes, some flat stickers, very little decoration.  My honeymoon album is very very basic, a shape that MIGHT resemble a crab (I was on a cruise), maybe a boat shape on a page, followed by some pictures.  Basic.  Then scrapbooking got big.  And it exploded!  The possibilities were endless.  If I saw a sticker I liked, I bought it.  I ended up with a  ton of stickers, and most didn't match any paper I had.  Some of the stickers got mangled and unusable.  Then I needed a way to sort them and store them so they didn't get mangled.  I bought products to organize them.  I forgot I had them. I didn't want to dig all them out and look through them.  They sat largely unused.  
As the years went on, I did little scrapbooking.  I had kids.  I had more kids.....okay just three, but they are boys, doesn't that count double??  ;)  I got back into scrapbooking.  My stickers were totally outdated.  I used them less and less.  But I got into stamping!  I LOVE stamping!!!  But for some, stamps go unused.  I'm not sure how this can be!!!??  
When I scrapbook, I look at my pictures and use what "speaks" to me that day. I scrap out of order.  Always.  I never know what I want to scrap until I actually sit down to do it. I use ring albums so it is easy to insert pages out of order.  I HATE post albums for that reason alone! 
 I might start with inspiration from a sketch, they often end up looking nothing like the sketch when I'm done, but a sketch might spark an idea for me so I always have my pinterest boards on my phone, or my sketch cards on my working table.  I then look at my stamp collection (all organized on evernote- do a search on my blog for my evernote post!) and look to see what stamps I can use.  I love them as titles or embellies!  I love that I can ink them up with any color in that I need to fit my project.  I use my framelits or punches to cut them out.
So the question is, why does any dog lover NEED the Hot Diggity Dog stamp??  Because:
Using this stamp as an embellishment on your page, is super cute!!!!  I have a TON of puppy pictures, who doesn't??!!!  Really??!!!  Tell me I'm not the only one!!!??  I love that this stamp lets you customize your dog that you create!!!  The sentiments on this stamp set are wonderful!!!!  Any dog lover will get tons of use out of this stamp set!!!!! 
The sentiments are: hot dignity dog! it's your birthday! -cute!!! for the birthday dog lover!
just fur you- adorable for a gift tag or card
never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose- I used this one on this page!!!  
no greater companion. no better friend- great for any dog scrapbook page or card!
so sorry for your loss- unfortunately our fur babies don't last forever- useful for a friend that has the passing of their beloved pet.
life without dogs? I don't think so!- so cute!!!!  Perfect for those pet pictures!!
pugs & kisses- I love this!  

This paper is called Lullaby DSP.  I think most people see it as baby paper.  I loved the colors of it and you can see, it works for more than just baby creations! 

Here is an upclose picture of the stamp and the sentiment I used.  There were several others in the set that would have worked as well.  I love this picture of Owen and Levi.  Owen was supposed to be doing some school work.  And apparently, Levi wanted to help!

Who is a dog lover here??  How about a cat lover?  We love our kitty too!!!!  Poor Sammy suffers the boys' attention!  LOL!!  Owen loves to pick her up and carry her, which she doesn't really like but accepts it!!  I keep waiting on the day she scratches him, but she has never scratched the boys or anyone else!  There is a kitty lover stamp too: You Little Furball.  I love that one as well!!!!
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