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Why any dog lover NEEDS the Hot Diggity Dog stamp from Stampin' Up!!!!

As many of my blog readers know, I am a huge believer in using what you have in crafting and getting the  most out of your supplies.  I no longer buy stickers for my scrapbooking. (except alphabets and I am working on getting more alphabet stamps so I don't even have to do that any more!).  When I first starting scrapbooking, in 1997- there were some very basic cut out shapes, some flat stickers, very little decoration.  My honeymoon album is very very basic, a shape that MIGHT resemble a crab (I was on a cruise), maybe a boat shape on a page, followed by some pictures.  Basic.  Then scrapbooking got big.  And it exploded!  The possibilities were endless.  If I saw a sticker I liked, I bought it.  I ended up with a  ton of stickers, and most didn't match any paper I had.  Some of the stickers got mangled and unusable.  Then I needed a way to sort them and store them so they didn't get mangled.  I bought products to organize them.  I forgot I had them. I didn't want to dig all them out and look through them.  They sat largely unused.  
As the years went on, I did little scrapbooking.  I had kids.  I had more kids.....okay just three, but they are boys, doesn't that count double??  ;)  I got back into scrapbooking.  My stickers were totally outdated.  I used them less and less.  But I got into stamping!  I LOVE stamping!!!  But for some, stamps go unused.  I'm not sure how this can be!!!??  
When I scrapbook, I look at my pictures and use what "speaks" to me that day. I scrap out of order.  Always.  I never know what I want to scrap until I actually sit down to do it. I use ring albums so it is easy to insert pages out of order.  I HATE post albums for that reason alone! 
 I might start with inspiration from a sketch, they often end up looking nothing like the sketch when I'm done, but a sketch might spark an idea for me so I always have my pinterest boards on my phone, or my sketch cards on my working table.  I then look at my stamp collection (all organized on evernote- do a search on my blog for my evernote post!) and look to see what stamps I can use.  I love them as titles or embellies!  I love that I can ink them up with any color in that I need to fit my project.  I use my framelits or punches to cut them out.
So the question is, why does any dog lover NEED the Hot Diggity Dog stamp??  Because:
Using this stamp as an embellishment on your page, is super cute!!!!  I have a TON of puppy pictures, who doesn't??!!!  Really??!!!  Tell me I'm not the only one!!!??  I love that this stamp lets you customize your dog that you create!!!  The sentiments on this stamp set are wonderful!!!!  Any dog lover will get tons of use out of this stamp set!!!!! 
The sentiments are: hot dignity dog! it's your birthday! -cute!!! for the birthday dog lover!
just fur you- adorable for a gift tag or card
never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose- I used this one on this page!!!  
no greater companion. no better friend- great for any dog scrapbook page or card!
so sorry for your loss- unfortunately our fur babies don't last forever- useful for a friend that has the passing of their beloved pet.
life without dogs? I don't think so!- so cute!!!!  Perfect for those pet pictures!!
pugs & kisses- I love this!  

This paper is called Lullaby DSP.  I think most people see it as baby paper.  I loved the colors of it and you can see, it works for more than just baby creations! 

Here is an upclose picture of the stamp and the sentiment I used.  There were several others in the set that would have worked as well.  I love this picture of Owen and Levi.  Owen was supposed to be doing some school work.  And apparently, Levi wanted to help!

Who is a dog lover here??  How about a cat lover?  We love our kitty too!!!!  Poor Sammy suffers the boys' attention!  LOL!!  Owen loves to pick her up and carry her, which she doesn't really like but accepts it!!  I keep waiting on the day she scratches him, but she has never scratched the boys or anyone else!  There is a kitty lover stamp too: You Little Furball.  I love that one as well!!!!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sneak Peek- Stampin Up In Colors- Teacher Thank you cards- Fab Friday Challenge

Thank you cards for Teachers.  Yes, it is that time of the year again!  End of the school year.  I needed to make four teacher cards for my son.  This is what I can up with:

I used the sketch challenge at
Here is the sketch:

I liked this sketch because it was simple.  My favorite cards are always my simple but elegant cards.  I love simple layers focusing on the stamps or the colors or even the DSP used!  This was my take on the challenge.  

I'm not sure these pictures are showing the colors as pretty as they are in person.  For the card, I used mint macaron, tip top taupe, and real red.  I really like how the mint macaron and tip top taupe calmed down the brightness of the real red.  It is always amazing when you put color combos together what happens! This was a take on my favorite color combo right now of coastal cabana, basic gray and real red.  I think I might like this combo even better!

I used two new products coming June2- the new lace ribbon- in tip top taupe, and the new blossom accents in the 2015-2017 in colors.  The lace is a fast favorite.  It ties really nicely, even for those of us that are not good at bow tying!!

I changed it up some, one two, I put one of the rhinestone jewels in the blossom accents, just to make it sparkle!! 

I couldn't decide which I liked more, the blossom accents or the ribbon....since I needed four, I did two of each!!

I used the robot stamp from Boys will be boys stamp set.  I was glad to see it return in the new catalog.  The thank you stamp is part of the Another Thank You stamp set, also returning. There are some GREAT thank yous in that set!!!  I used my starburst framelits again....grab them before they retire!!!!  
Hope you enjoyed my take on the sketch!  Thanks for stopping by!
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Sports Layout for Scrapbooking Using Simply Sports Stamp

Here is my geeky share for the week, when I get the new Stampin' Up catalog each year, I am so excited to see what new boy images they have.  Having three boys myself, I use tons of male appropriate images in my cards and in my scrapbooking.  Last year,  Stampin' Up came out with the stamp set Simply Sports.  I LOVED it!!  I think it went on my first order!  With all three boys playing sports, all types, I have gotten a lot of use out of this stamp set.  The best part of this, the stamp set also includes accessories so that you can make your little "sports guy" a GIRL!!!  Now I can do a soccer themed card for my niece that loves soccer!  Best yet, it is a carry over stamp set!  This stamp set will be around at least for another year!

I chose my colors of this layout because my son's school's colors are black and green.  I used Gumball Green on this layout but I am excited that the new Stampin' Up Incolors includes a new bright green this year!!!!  I will be using it a lot in the future!  Cucumber Crush- that's the new green colored incolor name.   I always wonder how Stampin' Up comes up with their color names.  I imagine when a new color comes out, they have a meeting, and all sit around a table shouting ideas for color names.  LOL!!  I have no idea how they come up with them, but I can only guess that their are some bad ones and some really good ones.  I would be AWFUL at naming colors, I don't think I am that creative. Grass Green.  Sky blue, yup, they would NEVER use my suggestions!!!  ;)
I got to use some of my soccer washi tape.  I picked this up somewhere along the way.  It is a huge roll of washi so I was excited to use it.  The soccer ball is a brad that I have hoarded.....I mean collected.  

One of my favorite framelits ever, Starburst framelits.  I seriously heart these framelits!!!!  I am so sad they were on the retiring list.  If you don't have these, grab them NOW while you can.  I use these over and over!  They make the best bases to show of my stamps as embellies, my favorite way to use stamps.  I only justify all my stamp purchases by saying to myself that I don't buy stickers for my scrapbooking.  Using stamps instead of stickers: gets use out of my stamps, lets me customize my colors to match my layout, and I rationalize it saves me money on stickers that will be out of style in a year or two!!!  (and please, don't try to convince me otherwise if I don't save money......I like to live in denial!!!!!  ;) ).  

Looking at this reminds me I need to order another white pen!  I love writing on black paper for my journaling.  I don't think every scrapbook page needs a huge journaling section, sometimes just a note of when, where and who is enough.  And yes, the who part is very important when you have three boys!!!  I swear I would always remember who's baby pictures where which boys'.  Yup, that went out the window this weekend.  I was sorting pictures and realized, I had no idea which of my kids this one picture was.  Not a clue!!!!  Yeah, not my best mommy moment!!!  
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Camouflage Layout in Scrapbooking, Large Journaling, Using stamps as titles

This was a special layout for me to do.  The picture is not extra special, just my oldest son in air soft gear.  Yes, he is playing air soft with some friends!  They take it pretty seriously, which makes me giggle a bit.  That's not the special part.  What makes this layout so special for me was the journaling.  I used the entire side of the layout and journaled a message to my son, one I hope he will treasure in years to come.  
I used a Stampin' Up stamp set to make my titles.  I though they were the perfect words to accompany my journaling.  This was an army stamp set but I can't remember the name of it now (I borrowed from a friend).  The words each meant something to me, which I included in my journaling. 

This was actually an instagram picture and that was my caption for it on instagram.  I liked it so much, I printed the picture with it on it.

I got to use my camouflage washi tape!  And these adorable army inspired buttons- they were real buttons that I found in a pack some time ago- I just snipped off the loop on the back and added a glue dot!

You can read some of my journaling here- I used a crumb cake marker so it blends in with the background, almost looking like a pattern from the distance.  

Do you ever do a layout and just love it!  This is the one that I loved.  It isn't a fancy layout, but it really came from the heart.  Thanks for stopping by!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I LOVE: Product Review- OrYany Norah- bag/purse review

I have two passions, crafting and bags.  I love both of them! I love to bag watch when I go to the mall;  I like to look at the style, how well it carries, the shape, and the color of the bags.  I have had high priced designer bags and a great deal on a target bag.  I love them all!  
I have fallen in love with the OrYany brand.  I find them mid range in price, comparable to Coach.  I love the leather, the colors, the "extras" that the bags have.  I thought I would share with you, my new bag, the Norah: 

I think the Norah comes in four colors, this is the banana.  I'm not sure I captured the color well, this was in  my office so maybe not the best lighting, but it is a nice sunny yellow, more on the pale side than neon.  I would say this is good for anyone who likes a light colored bag, a good variation on a cream or almond bag.

The bottom has a nice wide base.  I would have liked to see some feet here but I'm not sure it makes a big difference in the end. It stands up nicely on its own.  

The above picture is a horrible shot because it makes it look smaller than it is, but it shows the inside pockets, two slip pockets on one side along with a  zip.  And two additional zips on the other.  Really great organization, with the OrYany signature lining.  I actually fell in love with Oryany because of the functioning of their bags.  I have several very high end bags, and yes, they are great, look great.  But when it comes to function, the high end bags often fall very flat for me.  Most have zero or NO organization, and very few have pockets on the inside.  

I included this picture to show you what I carry.  I am a big bag girl.  I would classify the Norah as a medium big bag.  I can clearly fit a lot in it.  The elephant vera bradley pouch holds my tooth brush, tooth paste and mouth wash (adult braces suck!!!), I carry a full size zippy wallet (Michael Kors Camo), the lesportsac pounch carries a wide variety of items from makeup, to female products, to advil, to hair clips.  The other pouch is my newest Ipsy bag, not sure why I had it in there, maybe I got the mail, opened it and stuffed it in my bag.  I don't normally carry that!  :)

The Norah has a nice big zipper on the front that goes the full length of the bag and is deep.  Good to secure my keys, but I could fit TONS more in it!

This picture is to show the zipper details.  I think Oryany does the little details well.

This is a magnetic pocket behind the zippered pocket on the front of the bag.  It is quite big!  I love to put my phone in there for easy access.  It is almost hidden when you look at the bag but it is easy to grab my phone out.  I actually fit my keys, sunglasses and phone in this pocket before, it is a BIG pocket.  I switched out my purse one day and lost my sunglasses.  I couldn't for the life of me find them anywhere.....I accidentally left them in this pocket!  It will fit the larger phones. 

I love the hardware they used on the bag.  Very vintage looking to me.

I love the side details. 

The back of the bag has another long zippered pocket.  You really can't get more pockets than this!!!  I actually refuse to buy a bag now that does not have at least ONE outside pocket on it.  I need a place for my phone and to access it quickly.  My pet peeve is having to dig through my pocketbook to find my phone as its ringing!!!  I never find it in time.....

These are some of the most comfy handles on a bag I have had in a long time.  They are wide but not tall- I don't think unless you have stick thin arms, you can get this on your shoulder with these.  But they do fit nicely over the arm, and feel wonderful!!!!  I think the wideness of the handles are the best feature!  There is a long shoulder strap or can be crossbody as well.  I love a hand bag.  I think nothing looks nicer, but there are times when I need hands free.  I love bags that have two ways to hold them!  

Just another detail!!!  Great zipper puller!  I have returned another brand of bag before because as much as I loved the bag, the zipper wasn't easy to open due no zipper puller!  

This is the bag loaded with my items. 

This is to show the long strap!
This has been one of my favorite Oryany's yet.  EASY to carry.  And really, that's what I look for in a handbag.  This is a winner for me!!!  I got my bag at  
This is the description directly from QVC:
Butter-soft satchel. Head out the door with the Norah leather satchel from orYANY for all-day organization wrapped up in contemporary good looks. A zip-top closure helps keep your items secure within the bag, while several interior pockets mean you'll always know where you stowed your smartphone. From orYANY.
  • Style: Norah
  • Zip-top closure, front zip pocket, front slip pocket, back zip pocket, yellow antiqued goldtone hardware
  • Lined interior, two front-wall slip pockets, front-wall zip pocket, two back-wall zip pockets
  • Measures approximately 13-1/2"W x 11-1/2"H x 5-3/4"D with a 4-1/2" handle drop and a 20" to 23" strap drop; weighs approximately 2 lbs, 5 oz
  • Body/trim 100% leather; lining 100% cotton
  • Imported
This review is mine, I don't work for QVC or Oryany, just a handbag lover!!!
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