Monday, April 13, 2015

Zojirushi- The BEST water bottle EVER!!!!

Today's post is a little different.  I always love to share great products that I have found.  I try and share my crafting finds or how to use craft items.  But I also like to share other great products.  This is one of those products that I tell everyone about!  I've had so many people ask me about them, I decided to do a blog post.  Several years ago, I was on the hunt for the best water bottle.  I was trying to increase my water intake but I like really cold water, with ice in it!  I found odd bulky cups, that were a pain to carry.  I found crappy plastic water bottles that did nothing to keep my water cold. Somehow in my search, I found Zojirushi water bottles.  And don't ask me how to pronounce that correctly either!
  The reviews were GREAT!  The downside, they were expensive as far as water bottles go.  BUT....if they worked as good as the reviews, then it would be worth it!  I decided to give one a try.  I ordered on Amazon.  The water bottle came.  It was amazing in quality!  But would it work?  Would it keep my water ice cold in the southern heat?  I decided to test it out.  Day one, I was very pleased.  I filled up my water bottle in the morning- full of ice to the top- added cool water and away I went.  By lunch time, I still had ice.  But the afternoon, I still had ice! I was getting excited.  But.....I ran out of water....because I was actually DRINKING my ice cold water.  So I got a water bottle out of the fridge at work, added the water to my ice that was left in the bottle.  I thought to myself....well there goes my ice, right?  WRONG!!!  I filled up my water bottle, and continued to drink my water.  Got home, had to fill it up again!  Still the ice was fine!  For another test, I left my water bottle out on the counter all night, to see if my ice would be left in the morning.
To my surprise......there was still ice in my bottle the next morning!!!  I had found the best water bottle EVER!!!!!!
Yes, they are worth EVERY cent I paid for it!!!!!!  
That was two or more years ago....I have never bought another brand water bottle again!  I have multiple sizes.  My kids carry them.  They don't sweat either, which is a plus!  PERFECT!!!
Let me tell you some things I have learned about the zojirushi water bottles:
*watch sizes- some of the bottles are tall and I find awkward for me to carry.  My son likes them but I don't.  Keep that in mind when ordering!  Pay close attention to size!!!
* With regards to size, the bigger the water bottle, the more ice it can hold and the longer the ice lasts.  I have an 100 ounce zojirushi bottle which is great for LONG days at the athletic fields, it holds a lot of ice!  Ice has lasted 5 days in my car, in the souther 90 degree heat in this joke!  Amazing!  But it is a BIG heavy bottle.  Good to keep in the car and refill our smaller bottles.  Not practical to carry on a daily basis.  
*The smaller size bottles- are great to throw in your bag!
* Some of the bottles come with "holders".  I take off the shoulder straps.  I do use the holders on them.  But in my experience, ice last regardless of the holder or not.  
* whatever you put in the bottle, is what you get out of the bottle.  If you don't like ice in your bottle, and you put luke warm water in your bottle and put it in the fridge overnight, it will be luke warm water in the morning!  It keeps the temperature extremely well due to the double vacuum sealed walls.  It will not cool down in the fridge overnight.  Keep that in mind.  
* I order all mine on amazon.  I'm not sure if they sell them anywhere else, but I know they are on amazon.  I put several in my cart, and might watch the price for several days or weeks.  They do change in price.  If one seems really high in price, wait, it might drop in price.  
Here are some screen shots from amazon that shows the prices at that time, the prices might be different now or even in the future:

This is a good size.  

Notice the price....this one is HUGE!!!!  I would not recommend this one for daily carrying.  But it is awesome for sporting events, long day trips, park trips, any time you need ice cold water for a long day.  It is heavy and that's why the handle on this one is different.

This size is a kid version, more thermos like.  for this price, I would  pass, but it does show that they have a lot of sizes.

This is the one my son carrys to school the most.  I think he is red not pink but same size, same design.  He drinks a LOT of water.  He refills it throughout the day.  He like the cover on it.

This size is my newest obsession.  I carry this one all the time.  It is small enough to put in my purse.  I keep one in my car all the time. I do have to refill several times but I don't mind because it is so handy! They have TONS of colors in this size!  I like the pink one best!!!

This one is my favorite.  It was my first one.  I love the color (my boys don't steal it!).  I love the holder on it.  I still use this one the most!
Keep in mind, they all have different tops.  I see no difference for me.  All are easy to keep clean.  I fill mine with water only so a simple bottle brush to clean the inside.  The lids come apart for easy cleaning.  I love that even on the smallest size, it has a wide opening to put the ice in.  FULL ice cubes fit!!! I used some for over 2 years, and nothing is wrong with it.  I am careful with my water bottles.  And I try not to drop them.  But my son is less careful and often tosses his down on the way out onto the field....nothing has ever happened to it.  I am sure the lid could crack if dropped on concrete, but I promise you will love this water bottle so much, you will treat it like gold!!!!!  I do!!!

this is the one I am carrying today!

Feel free to ask me any questions, I'll try and help if I can!  I don't get any money off of these, I am not affiliated with this company at all, I just love their water bottles!!!!  Search amazon for different options!  (I do a search of zojirushi water bottles, or zorjirushi sports bottles).  Watch the sizes!!!  


  1. I love my bottle. Thank you for turning me onto them!!!

  2. Thank you! I too, have found myself over the years searching for the perfect water bottle & can't wait to order one :D


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