Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I don't buy stickers for my scrapbooking!

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I love using stamps!  That is the number one reason I became a Stampin' Up demo.  I love using my stamps that I hoard collect on my layouts. One of my favorite ways to do this is using them in titles!  It is a great use of stamps.  Try it!  When scrapping one day, look through your stamps and see what you can use as titles for your layouts! This is a mini challenge that I do often at a day of scrapping.  I challenge myself to use as many of my stamps as I can on my layouts.  I am often surprised at the number of ways I can use the stamps that I have.  They don't always have to be titles, captions, embellishments. Using stamps for embellishments is a great way to use them!  Pair them with some framelits for some great die cut embellies and you have a great accent on your page that you can use over and over again, in new and unusual ways!   I love inking those stamps up!  (and it makes me feel less guilty when I can use them over and over!!!).  I rarely buy stickers for my scrapping.  I hate using a sticker once and being done with it.  I would hoard my sticker looking for the perfect page.  Often not using it because I didn't think the page was special enough, or I might have a page that would be better suited for that sticker!  Then it would get lost, damaged, or just plain, out of my style of scrapping by the time I got around to using it!  No more!!! 
 One of the great things about Stampin' Up is that the paper coordinates with the ink.  It makes it easy for me to make titles or embellies  that match my papers exactly!  No more stickers that kinda match, but not really!

Some of my favorite pictures come from my cell phone camera.  Actually MOST of my pictures these days come from my cell phone.  I'm not sure the last time I took my point and shoot camera out!!!  Some of my favorite pictures end up being these silly little nothing pictures.  Nothing exciting is happening, we aren't anywhere especially exciting unless you think a trip to Ikea is exciting (okay, I secretly do!!!!  I LOVE Ikea!!!).  But my point is that, these are the pictures that I really love to scrap.  My boys just being themselves.  Sweet smiles, silly things, messy kids!  

One of our favorite things about Ikea is the lunch!  Nothing fancy but it is fun, especially on a cold winter day.  The cafeteria over looks the parking lot with big windows.  We always enjoy going to eat a lunch at Ikea!  (Have you tried their Swedish meatballs??!!! YUM!!!)

As always, if I can help you with any Stampin' Up products, please visit my website, you can even shop in your jammies, which you can't do at Ikea....well.....I guess you could! 
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