Monday, March 9, 2015

Bird paper? What the heck am I going to use that for?? CAT layout!!!!

I really try and challenge myself to use all my DSP that I have.  Sometimes, it is easy.  I recently got a pack of DSP that I adored, I quickly made 5 layouts with it!  I went on to use every scrap of that paper.  I loved the colored, I loved the patterns.  Easy.  But what happens when you don't love the paper?  Or maybe the colors aren't colors that you normally scrap in?  The patterns are blah?  Maybe the paper is old and just not your style anymore?  This happened to me at the scrapbook retreat in November.  I had challenged myself to use up some of my older DSP packs.  I hate to throw good paper away.  I had several days to scrap.  The challenge was on.   I guess I wanted a SUPER challenge because while packing for the retreat, I forgot to restock my solid card stock paper in my to-go bag.  I was left to use what I had.  Of course, my scrapping buddies offered me card stock to borrow but I tried really hard to use what I had.  Perfect way to use up everything!!!
I came across a very old DSP pack.  Oh boy, the colors weren't what I use.  The paper was kinda drab and boring.  How was I going to use this??  Then I got an idea, birds....perfect for a CAT picture!!!!  I think this paper was originally a baby themed package?  Maybe?  It's so old, I can't even remember the name of it.  I know it is Stampin' Up DSP.  So this is how I used up the paper!

I have to say the feather, which was the best part of this page came from my scrapping buddy!  I loved how it added to the page, it really made the them pop!

The buttons and tree die cut are from October Afternoon.  

The butterfly die cut is also from October Afternoon. 

I was even using up some old ribbon!  

Overall, this was a great way to use up a lot of miscellaneous supplies. I think it turned out pretty good! What was the hardest paper you had to use up?  Why?

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  1. I have that DSP! Now, I am motivated to use it. I don't have a cat, or a dog, but surely I can come up with something. lol


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