Monday, February 23, 2015

Mill Hill Kits and My Cross Stitch Work in Progress

To shake things up today, I am posting my cross stitch projects.  I posted awhile ago about Mill Hill kits.  It was my first time working with the kits.  I have found them to be very easy to work with and BEAUTIFUL patterns!  The kits comes with beading, which I have chosen not to use.  They look GREAT with the beads.  But for my use, the beads won't work, so instead of using the beads, I simply use the DMC thread color the bead calls for and stitch the patterns normally.  I have some ornaments which I really want to try the beads with- I think hanging on a tree- the Christmas lights would look great twinkling off the beading!  
I started this set (set of four for my display board) before Christmas.  I took a break from it during the holidays.  I recently started back on this project and on my last one for the set for four.

These are the three finished ones.  I did the ghosts first, the crows second and the cats third.  The final one will be an owl in the moonlight.  I LOVE these patterns.  They are relatively easy to follow- the only hang up is that while not using the beads, some DMC colors will have two symbols.  It's not a big deal but I keep my color chart near so I know exactly the symbol or symbols I am working with at the time.  
I did not use the perforated paper that comes with Mill Hill kits, I used material from my stash.  While I like the perforated paper, I didn't want to use it for this big of a project.  These are done on 14 count and I am putting them into 7"X7" frames leaving a little less than a 1/2" on all sides.  
These will be washed and stretched and put into frames.  I normally hang them on my cross stitch board but the frames I am using are not going to fit this time.  I have decided to take four frames and hinge them together.  This will take place of my board while I have these hanging up. 
If you want details on my seasonal cross stitch board, check out this post:
After working on this project for so long, I am thrilled to be finishing it.  I will post the final set when I am all done!
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