Friday, February 20, 2015

February- Barkbox

Another Barkbox has arrived!  I am really not sure if I like the Barkbox more or my dog Levi!!!  I'm pretty sure it's a close tie!
This month was great!  Mardi Gras theme!  ADORABLE!!!

This is the card that comes with each box, explaining each item and the cost of the item, and an item number in case you want to reorder an item.

I'm so sorry that this picture of the treats is upside down.....geesh!!! Anyways, they fit in the theme!  Levi hasn't tried these yet, but we have yet to find any treat in our boxes that Levi or our golden retriever won't eat!!!!  They gobble them up so I am sure these will be a hit as well!

I do subscribe with the extra toy- I don't buy Levi toys normally so I like getting the bonus toy!  Two toys a month and my little guy is happy!!!  And I have to say that my cat liked the toys this time!

I loved the jester hat toy.  The ball part of the hat was very squeaky, Levi loved it, and so it the cat....which is strange but she was batting it around the house.

Here's a picture showing the ball/hall more.  Anything with dangling items, Levi loves, he can carry it in his mouth.

These are the last two items.  I can say the bully stick was a hit....because Levi already ate it!!!!  He loves bully sticks!  I keep close eye on them when they get small and take it away when it becomes a possible choking hazard but this time, he ate it all before I even noticed.  Levi is good and not a gulper, so he chewed every bit which is why I didn't notice it had gotten so small.  We have another one of these treat toys, I don't give the dogs tons of treats so I'll save this until a day that may come when we have to be out of the house for an extended period of time, as a treat/ busy toy for Levi.  (He goes with us every day to our office and is seldom home alone - so it might be on my shelf for awhile!).  
Overall, another GREAT box!!!!
If you are interested in trying out a Barkbox:
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