Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Barkbox! Adorable! Ice Age Theme!

I received this month's Barkbox today.  As usual, my kids are more excited to open it up than I think the dog is!!  This month was GREAT!!!  I love the theme- Ice Age!  Each monthly box comes with a theme that all the items loosely fit: beach, Christmas, Halloween, summertime, this month was Ice Age!  This, by far, is my favorite Barkbox yet!!  ADORABLE!!!!  
This is the first month that I am getting for Levi since I upped his size.  I was having him get the smaller box but changed it to the next size up.  Levi is about 22 pounds.  He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  The smaller box worked for him but I wanted to give the next size up a try.  This month looks like it will be great for him!  I might keep this size for awhile!

First up, we have the Etta Says Deer Chews.  I think these are all pretty safe- and Levi loves anything deer so I am sure he will enjoy this stick.  The next item is the thicker bone- Heartland Premium Dynamo Femur.   I am sure Levi will LOVE this!  I have never given him a bone like this but the card says to keep your rugs clean, feed to your dog in the kitchen.  Maybe this will be one I take to my office for him!

The packages are the treats: Puppy Love Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky- I am sure Levi will love these, I am also wondering if the cat will love them too!  I'll give it a try!  
Complete Natural Nutrition Off- Leash Stix-  these are turkey and pumpkin. I think Levi will like them since he loves pumpkin. 

The last two items are the R2Pet Monster - it is the bigger one and the other one is the bonus toy that I opt to get Levi each month.  It is The Adorable Snowman.  They are both so cute!!  And make noise which Levi will love!!!  I am so excited to give him these!  I love the size of them!  How cute are they??!!!!
If you would like to try a monthly Barkbox for your four legged friend, you can get all the information here with my link:
Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment, do you like this month's theme?  Do you get the Barkbox yet?

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