Thursday, January 22, 2015

Halloween Layout- Glitter Paper & Coloring Wood Veneer Shapes

Hello Crafting Friends!  I have a bunch of older layouts to share, so I'm just gonna post these in the weeks coming up.  This is one from last Halloween.  Halloween in North Carolina can be weird.  It normally isn't really cold.  It can be chilly but not normally cold.  But more times than not, it can be actually pretty warm!  Those really cute and fuzzy costumes, yeah, those suck if you live in warmer climates!  The kids sweat in them!!!!  Last year, we had a trio of Duck Dynasty men!!  (Cousins!)
I believe this is all Mind's Eye paper.  I love glittery paper but often find myself not using it, waiting for that "special, just right" picture.   Silly, right?   No more!  I am using EVERYTHING!!!!  LOL!!  I love chevrons!  
I love when stickers can be used for titles!  
I had this piece of wood veneer for awhile.  I hadn't used it, so on the page it went, it reminded me of a Haunted House fence! Perfect!  It was originally wood colored, I used my markers to color it!  

I was even able to use up some pieces of older ribbon!  And some brads!  

I love that their costumes were so simple and easy!  We got the beard knitted hats and the boys wore some camo shirts!  They were a hit!!!  Loved it!!!!  Simple!  And best of all, my boys still love their beard hats!
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