Friday, August 29, 2014

New Stampin' Up Gift Box Punch Board- Holiday 2014 Catalog

Many of you know that I loved when Stampin' Up got the envelope punch board.  I was thrilled to see in the new 2014 Holiday catalog, the Gift Box Punch Board.   I love it!!!  It was on my first order!!!  

Look at these cute boxes it can make!!!!  I made this box for a teen gift for my son's friend.  Since teens are so hard to shop for and normally have their own wish lists...he decided he wanted to give his buddy some cash for his birthday.  Perfect gift for a teen boy!!!  Of course, I couldn't just stick money in a card........we folded each of the $30 into origami shapes!!!!  And put them in the box!!!  So much fun!!!!  

Here is the gift box board.  It is very simple to use just like the envelope punch board.  I put this box together is less than 2 minutes!!!  EASY!!!  (and I don't like to follow directions!!!.....or read them!!!! )  All directions are on the board itself which  is perfect because I don't like to read a lot of directions let alone hunt them down!!!  Not to fear....they are just several steps and the board does all the work!!!

I used the new Kraft paper from Stampin' Up.  I love this paper.  I always loved kraft.  I used to use crumb cake for all my kraft needs but I did agree, it was a little off for actual kraft paper.  Stampin' Up agreed and gave us TRUE kraft paper!!!  I found this kraft to be one of the best I have tried, it has a nice weight to it, making it perfect for gift boxes!!  It was very easy to work with.
I stamped this using the new stamp set Boys will be Boys in white craft ink and used a dauber for the dots.  So easy!

I always use sticky strip when putting my boxes together.  Very simple using the board!  All lines are scored and tabs punched.

This was my first attempt at a pompom.  I wish it was fuller but even though I felt like I used a lot of twine, I think it could have used more.....unfortunately I was using up some twine out of a celebration set I had left, so I couldn't add more.  But overall, not to bad. 

Just another great handy tool from the new Holiday catalog!
Love it!!
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Santa & Co. Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up- 2014 Holiday Catalog Look

I have to correct myself from my blog post yesterday, I said that the Holiday catalog was available Sept 1st.....well, even better is is available TODAY!!!  The 2014 Holiday catalog will be available from August 28, 2014-January 5, 2015.  Even better....I never like to wait!!!  :)
Keeping in tune with yesterday's post, here is another look at some more Designer Series Paper from the Holiday catalog.  (DSP)  I often don't think the catalogs, as much as I love them and drool over them, show the DSP well.  I am often surprised how the paper looks in real life.  I hope this helps some, keep in mind, these pictures were taken when it was stormy and raining....but in my kitchen with enough natural light as I could get!  
The new Santa & Co suite is getting a lot of attention!  Some are very vocal and HATE it.....some like me, think it is adorable and ordered it on their first order!!!!!  (preorder for demos).  I love the Santa & Co line.  It is different, it is silly, it is fun, whimsical.  I ORDERED it ALL!!!!  Yes all of it!!!!  I love the stamp set most of all- I'll show that another day!  Today is the DSP!!!

This is my favorite sheet.  It has these crazy dancing Santas on it.  I love it!!!  Keep in mind, you get two sheets to all the double sided DSP.   The pictures show both sides.  I like the back side of the paper as well, but to be honest, those Santas are going to be the side I use!!! 

I love the accent pages, they fit right in line with the whimsy feel of the DSP.  The colors included in this DSP pack are Basic Black, Hello Honey, Marina Mist, Old Olive, Real Red, Soft Suede, and Whisper White.  

Moose!!!!  Yes please!!!!  I love these Moose....Mooses?  What is the plural for Moose?  Either way....I LOVE them!!! 

Strangely enough, I really like this sheet.  I like any chevrons and the colors are nice in this sheet.  I like the winter mountains...At least that is what they look like to me!  Great for a snowy scene, snow skiing scrapbook pages or  any winter/ Christmas cards! 

Once more, whimsy is what I think!  I love this one too!  I think I have loved them all!!!!

I love the snowmen!  Adorable!  They can be cut off and used as a ribbon strip, focal point to a card, or a GREAT scrapbook page as a whole!  LOVE this sheet!!!

Here is zoomed in look of the Santas....I love the one right at the bottom with the red suit on with the flowing beard and hair!  He's my favorite!!!

More zoomed in looks!!!

You can start your holiday shopping now!!!

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My second month of Barkbox!!!!

If I haven't said this before.....I LOVE Barkbox!!!!  It is one of my favorite subscription boxes....and it isn't even "for me"!!!  This month was just as good as the first month!
We always seem to get some treats, these two keep on the beach theme that was again in this month's box.  Since it is summer time and hot, it fits just right even though it was two months in a row.....I LOVE it!!!  The lobster roll bones are almost gone.  We haven't tried the others yet but I like that they seem to be healthily snacks for Levi and Leia.  

In our box, I opt for the extra toy.  These are this months toys.  I think the starfish was the "extra" toy.  Levi LOVED both of them and took them and ran right into the family room to play with them.  

Levi immediately took his new toy to play with front of the cat.

I had to include this cracks me up!  I swear the cat is thinking "where's mine?".  She looks a little mad here.....maybe I need to find a meow box???  Do they have one??

The final item was a Muddy Buddy Dog Mop.  I am so excited to use this!  Levi has long feathers on his legs and belly so just a few drops of rain and he gets soaked!  This will be great to keep by the backdoor during the winter to dry him off fast!
Here it is opened up, bigger than it looks!  
I had to take a picture of the back because it is the best part, it has slips for my hands so I can easily dry Levi!  LOVE it!!!  

I can't rave on this box enough!  If you don't get bark box.....go sign up!!!!

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Mötley Monsters Designer Series paper from Stampin' Up- SNEAK PEAK at Holiday Catalog

I will start this post that I am in love with SSSSSSOOOO much from the upcoming Holiday catalog!    I have already done a huge preorder as a demo but will be placing another order soon!  Lots to love in this one!!!  
With that in mind, let me share the new Motley Monsters Designer Series Paper (dsp) that will be in the new catalog starting September 1, 2014!!!  Halloween is always one of my favorite holidays.  I LOVE this cutesy DSP!!!!  Stampin' up doesn't do a ton of wild prints on their DSP, they don't do cutesy often, so when they do, I LOVE it!!!

I love the fun monsters!  The colors are fabulous!!!!  You get two sheets of each double sided paper, I am showing the front and back of the sheets.  I love the wood grain side as well.  
I wasn't sure of my lighting so you ended up with two pictures of the same was a cloudy day so I was trying to show it well, unfortunately I think the ghosts didn't show up well......

Cute ghosts!!!  The polka dot side will be great for accents!

I love the crows!  Very on trend for Halloween!  And who doesn't like candy corn?  Well, I like to eat a handful and then I'm done till next year!!!  ;)

This was another trend I saw in the paper, the "scene" sheet.  Stampin' Up doesn't do this often either so I thought this was a really cute one!  I love the pumpkins but to see those monsters again is so cute!!!  Maybe you aren't in love with the monsters....crazy to say, but some may not be..... :)  the leaves section of the paper is very nice!  Would be great for cards!!!!  The monster strip would be great cut off as a border as well!  Layer it with matching card stock!!! 

Although I like the stripes, and will undoubtedly use them, but the trees are fabulous, the stripes are maybe my least favorite sheet in the pack.  Still useful but the trees are so good.....I'm not sure I can't use both sheets of the trees!!!!!

For the last sheet, patterns that match and coordinate!  Always useful!!!  And these prints are good for cards or scrapbook pages!  Some card makers don't like huge prints since they don't work well on cards, but I think all the sheets in this pack work great for either!
I am ready for fall!!!!  for Halloween!!!!  Wait, I still have to figure out what 3 boys are going to want to dress as this year!!!  Why can't that be as easy as picking this great DSP??!!!!!
Remember, this DSP pack will be available in the new Holiday catalog out September 1st!  

Thanks for stopping by!!
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throw Back Thursday- Stampin' Up Keepsake Ornaments stamps and Framelits! So easy a Kid can do it!!!!

TBT POST!!!  Time when I revist a post or project.  I have made no secret that I love the Stampin' Up Keepsake Ornaments stamp set with matching framelits.  They are surprisingly still available this year!  If you don't have this set in your collection- I believe it is a must have item!  I have made Christmas ornaments, a 4th of July ornament, a Halloween ornament (2 actually!) all with this set!!  I can't see me ever getting rid of this set!  So if you don't have it need to snag it before they retire it!!!!  It is so easy....yes, even a kid can make these!  Enjoy the post from a couple of years ago....this is Kyle now:

I can't believe he is in driving school this week!!!  YIKES!!!!! 
Enjoy the TBT post!!!  

Let me introduce my oldest son, Kyle!

Isn't  he handsome??!!!!! HI KYLE!!!!!  LOVE him!!!!! 
Okay, why do I post pictures of my 12 year old on a crafting blog???  As you know I have made several "ornaments" using the new Stampin' Up Ornament Bundle .  There are many people asking for directions on how to make this.  It is SERIOUSLY easy!!!  I have tried to show step by step pictures, why?  Because I am a visual person!!!  Give me a menu that has a PICTURE of the item I might order....chances are I will order it over one with just a description!  If I can see it, I can make it.  I think I overthink...heehee....things to much, especially when I am writing.  Hence, I think this is why I am not a writer!!!!  :)  Anyways...just to prove to you that making the ornament is is my TWELVE YEAR OLD's ornament that he made.....keep in mind, he picked the papers, he picked the ribbon and he picked the image to emboss.  He is a big hunter and has a wildlife Christmas tree, he wants to put this on his Christmas tree!!!

He did this all on his own!!!!  Yes, YOU can make this!!!! 
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