Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My second month of Barkbox!!!!

If I haven't said this before.....I LOVE Barkbox!!!!  It is one of my favorite subscription boxes....and it isn't even "for me"!!!  This month was just as good as the first month!
We always seem to get some treats, these two keep on the beach theme that was again in this month's box.  Since it is summer time and hot, it fits just right even though it was two months in a row.....I LOVE it!!!  The lobster roll bones are almost gone.  We haven't tried the others yet but I like that they seem to be healthily snacks for Levi and Leia.  

In our box, I opt for the extra toy.  These are this months toys.  I think the starfish was the "extra" toy.  Levi LOVED both of them and took them and ran right into the family room to play with them.  

Levi immediately took his new toy to play with front of the cat.

I had to include this cracks me up!  I swear the cat is thinking "where's mine?".  She looks a little mad here.....maybe I need to find a meow box???  Do they have one??

The final item was a Muddy Buddy Dog Mop.  I am so excited to use this!  Levi has long feathers on his legs and belly so just a few drops of rain and he gets soaked!  This will be great to keep by the backdoor during the winter to dry him off fast!
Here it is opened up, bigger than it looks!  
I had to take a picture of the back because it is the best part, it has slips for my hands so I can easily dry Levi!  LOVE it!!!  

I can't rave on this box enough!  If you don't get bark box.....go sign up!!!!

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