Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Have you tried Perforated Paper or Mill Hill Kits? Review of the first in the Winter Holiday: Nutcaker Ballet series- Prince

I enjoy doing small cross stitch projects.  I recently found the Mill Hill kits and was interested.  They have beads and perforated paper....weird!!!  But wait!!!  Don't pass them up!!!  They are tons of fun!!! 
Since all this was new to me, I decided to start with an ornament- something small to try out. 

This shows the front of the kit- if you use it as an ornament. 

This shows the perforated paper.  I found it easy to work on and held in my hand.  I was nervous if it bent but it didn't and seems quite sturdy.  It is not just paper, it does have a light coating on it to make it more rigid than normal paper.  Can you tear it?  Sure, but I would think you really would need to be rough, pulling really hard on your stitches, maybe it would be risky if you pulling out error stitches.  I would use caution when doing that.  Otherwise, I found it quite durable.  It does come in many colors.  This is a 14ct perforated paper.  Any chart could be done on this paper.  It's fun and something different.  The great thing about this paper is that my project doesn't need to be washed and stretched and lightly ironed and then use Stop Fray on the edges.  This is really a cut and go paper! 

I didn't use the beading but still got enough variation on my project!

This shows the chart for your colors- see how the red is the = and the red with the bead is the circle with the dot symbol- I did these both as full stitches with the 498 dmc thread for my project.
Each kit includes everything you need to make the project! My kit came with perforated paper- two pieces that you connect to make the pattern.  I wasn't sure if I will cut these as ornaments or for my cross stitch board (shown previously) so I used a larger sheet of perforated paper by Mill Hill.  I can still cut these into ornaments if I choose but I can now put them in a frame for my board if I want to as well.  I'll keep the smaller paper for another project in the future.  The kits come with an instruction page with your chart and also beads with a beading needle.  I have never done beads on any of my cross stitching before.  If I use them in my frames, the beads don't fit well with glass so I left them off.  If you use this method, the kits can be cross stitched as normal.  Keep in mind though, the kit instructs you to do all cross stitch first then the beading where indicated after and on top of the stitches. (hope that makes sense)   If you don't use the beads, you will need to remember that some colors will have two symbols- one for the solid color stitch and one for the color stitch WITH a bead.  I would imagine that could be confusing on a big project but it wasn't for this one. 
This kit also came with dmc thread....but I used it for the project before I thought to take a picture!!  I do like that they use dmc threads so if I run out, the color and number is right there!  Some kits use other threads and I have found them to be not as nice as dmc threads.  I like that I can find more thread without contacting Mill Hill to order more, I can just use my stash or get the color at my local store.  I had plenty of thread for this project and even had extra, that I added to my stash!!!

I am still trying to decide what to do with my beads.  I have heard people like using beads instead of French knots on their projects.  I can see this would be a great use of them.  If these were going on a Christmas tree as ornaments, I would think the beads would give the project a nice glimmer under the lights. 

I really had fun stitching this project.  The kits are really cute.  There are TONS of kits from Mill Hill out there and they are ALL beautiful!!!  I definitely see myself doing more of these!  And I might even try the beading part!!!! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Leave me a comment!  Have you ever done the Mill Hill kits?  Love them like I do??


  1. What you didn't want to dump out the beads all over the table? LOL

  2. I've already completed 6 of them I'm working on the series which includes 22 its called the winter village


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