Sunday, July 20, 2014

Barkbox Monthly Subscription- July box and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hello four legged lover friends!!!  I have been wanting to try the BarkBox monthly subscription for sometime now.  Finally signed up for a six month subscription (you can chose which option you want)!  We LOVE it!!!!  The box comes nicely put together:
Each box comes with a card to tell you about the items in your box and how much they retail for.  (we definitely got our value in this box!!!!).  This is also handy is you would like to reorder an item that is your favorite!
Most boxes include treats- with two dogs, we will use these up!!

For our box, we opted for the extra toy- I think the fish is the extra one with month.  I love that the whole box has a beach theme even the toys!  Levi loves them all but keeps the crab close by himself!!!

There is even a frozen treat for Levi- I have it in the freezer and will treat him later this week!!!  He loves a fallen ice cube so I bet he will love this!

Levi and his crab!  He carries it around by the floppy legs!  So cute!!! 

If you are interested in receiving a Barkbox-  .  This is my link and I get credit. 
Overall, I think the Barkbox is a HIT for us!!!  Can't wait to see what comes next month!!!
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