Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cross Stitching to Vegas!!!

Hello friends!  I have been missing in action for a little while.  My life has gotten busy, I recently started homeschooling two of my three kids.  While is it very rewarding, it can be frustrating and time consuming too! :) I am finally getting in the swing of things, and so are the boys. 
The great thing about homeschooling is that trips are no problem at all!  We worked with my oldest son's school and took off for a cross country drive to Vegas.....from North Carolina!!!  Yes, we drove!!  Vegas is three days of driving from NC.  On the way out, we stopped to visit some friends in Dallas, TX- so that extended our trip to four days of driving.  The great thing, my kids learned and experienced so much!  We went to Vegas for the big construction show- Conexpo.  It was a great show!  But to get to the point of my blog post....cross stitching!!!!  I can't paper craft in the car, but I can cross stitch!!  And cross stitching I was!!!
I started with a new pattern- The Prairie Schooler ones are some of my favorite patterns.  Back stitching is at a minimum.....not that back stitching is hard but it is nice to get done stitching and be done- no need to add back stitching to make your design pop.  If you have followed my stitching posts- you know that I love to stitch minis in sets of four for my display board.  This was the first one.  Now I have to say, my sister is really against animals doing people things.  In my defense....the bunnies are doing bunny things!  :)  LOL!!!

This was my second one done on the way out.  I'm not sure why the material looks so faded and off color here but it is black.  Can you believe that I have never stitched on black material before, in all my years?  I liked using the black for this since the colors really popped on it and made it a nice change from any of my other Easter ones!  Unexpected but looked great!
While in Vegas, I had to stop at this cross stitching store I had googled.  It was AWESOME!!!  (I am not affiliated with this store, just really enjoyed shopping there and the ladies were Wonderful!!!!  Worth a visit if you are in the area!)  Stitcher's Paradise was a GREAT stop!!! I think I spend two hours in there!!!

I was blown away at their fabric selection!!!  So many pretty colors!!!  And this doesn't even show all of it!!
This was a wall of threads!!!  So many speciality threads!  I am not sure I have ever been to a store that carried so much!  And this picture doesn't even show it all!!!  
These are some of my finds that I got!!  This was a five pattern to some I already had that match.  I loved this one!!!
This magazine has some great Halloween patterns in it!  
This doesn't show the color well but it is the brightest, prettiest pink I have ever seen in cross stitching material.  Not sure what I will use it for yet but I couldn't pass it up!!!
Another great find....There are lots of patterns in this one!!  
Some more of my finds!
I can't pass up pretty material!!!  
These are two patterns that I found- the store is ordering me the other two to go with them.  The ladies were very helpful and answered many of my questions!

This is one of the patterns that I found that they are ordering the other ones for me.  I LOVED these!!!  So different! This one is the Wicked Witch, I want the tin man, Dorthy, and the Lion.  
Loved these for Valentine's day.  I will have to add a four design to it but shouldn't be hard to add a heart to go with this set, I'll just use the same colors that are used for these designs!

Time to go back to North Carolina, and time to do more stitching.....

 This one finished my set of four!  I started a new set....loved these fall animals, another Prairie Schooler pattern.

I am currently on my second animal.  They are turning out wonderfully!  I love the tie dyed material!  It looks great with the fall colors.
Thanks for stopping by!  And if you don't FOLLOW ME yet...take a second and DO!!!  :)  I love new crafting friends!


  1. Such cute bunnies! I haven't stitched in years....

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