Monday, February 10, 2014

Shaving Cream- A Homeschool Staple!

As some of you know, I am homeschooling my two youngest kids.  We come from a strong Montessori background. All of my kids started Montessori education at the age of three.  I believe in a hands on approach to learning, if you can see it and touch it, you will learn from it!  I always learned that way best and so do my children.
We practice math facts daily.  Even if it is a is always beneficial to spend 3-10 minutes a day on each kids' math facts. Both boys are reviewing different math facts based on their level.  We do math facts in many different ways to keep it new and fresh for the boys.  Flash cards, ipad apps, manipulatives, or even shaving cream!  Yes, shaving cream!!!  This is from our favorite Montessori teacher....Shaving Cream Math Facts!  So easy and the kids love it!  Spray some shaving cream on the table and it is time to get messy!!!  The best part of this is that both boys LOVE it, they want to do ALL their math facts because it is so much fun to play in shaving cream, and clean up is easy,  and the shaving cream even cleans the table nicely! Win-Win!!!  I wish learning was this fun when I was in school!!!
Shaving cream works for math facts, spelling words, phonic blends, and sight words.  And of course, anything else you can think of!
Owen being silly- but enjoying his math facts review with shaving cream

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