Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Dollar Store Homeschooling Finds! Great for the budget!

A trip to the dollar store doesn't get most people excited, but if it does, they maybe a homeschooler!!!!  Thinking outside the box really helps! 
What is the craziest thing you can find in my stash??   I have an educational purpose for everything on the table!!!  
My first find was the alphabet foam puzzles.  My kids are well over this age where this would be anything but boring for them, at age 7 an 9, they both know their alphabets well and normally do much more complicated puzzles than these.  (They love the Montessori map puzzles- I might need to find a supplier for them!) So why did I buy them???
When punched out from their puzzle part, they are PERFECT foam letters for building words!  I strongly believe in touching and feeling the work kids do- they learn better.  Montessori learning at its best!!!  Best of all, the letters have a pattern that you can see on the front of the letters so the child knows which side is the correct side.  This really help my dyslexic son.  No more flipped or backwards letters!
How are ice trays educational?  You can use them for sorting, practicing fine motor skills.  We are going to use ours to make mud bricks so we can build a pyramid for our Ancient Egypt studies!  No worries about ruining them, two for a dollar was a deal.  And we can wash them out an use them for another use again!!
Perfect sentence strips for grammar work!  

Now the barbies might need more of an explanation!  No my two boys don't play with barbies, although they were very pleased to pick theirs out. I might be worried IF I hadn't already told them how they were going to use them.  Now what are we doing with barbies?  We are going to mummify them for our ancient Egypt study!!!  They are so excited to make mummies!!!  

The measuring spoon and cups are for science experiments.  Now I won't complain they are using my good baking ones!  The letter cards are wonderful and I didn't even realize how great they were until I got them out of the packages.  They are raised slightly and glittered, and rough.  Sand paper letters!!!  Google Montessori sand paper letters!  We will also use these to build words and alphabetize our works!

These letter were great too!  I thought they were magnetic but they aren't, no problems.  We will still use them as letter and numbers.  We will be making math sentences as both boys are working towards becoming mathematicians.  

Now you might think how many letter manipulatives do we need?  As many as we can find!  Why?  My kids love the different textures.  They can do the same work- building words- and the work "feels" different because the letters are so different.  I will sort these into a craft box with 26 spaces so they can easily find the letters quickly to build words.
The flash cards were an easy buy as well.  We use flash cards a lot.  I try and keep at stack in my bag, I can pull them out while waiting in lines and do a quick run through or turn them into a game when we go out to dinner!

The containers will be helpful for works.  Make your workbooks more Montessori hands on, make a photocopy of the sheet and cut out the pieces for your child to match and sort.  Now your plain workbook is Montessori hands on work.  Same work, but it "feels" different!  Child fighting you to do their worksheet....try it!!!

We go through a lot of plastic bags for word sorts and other works. 

Tape measures turn measuring into math work fun!  My boys can play with tape measures for HOURS!!  They will be going on a math measuring treasure hunt soon!

This shows my $1 measuring cup....perfect for math and science!  Even better- they leave mom's allow AND they won't drop my glass one.

Foam letter stickers will be used as well.  So many ways! 

My boys are well past Sesame Street- boohoo....but these sandwich containers will be wonderfully for works.  Remember, different....they will be excited!

Overall, a great day and some great finds!  I'll be sure to come back and post our Ancient Egypt study!  Can't wait to see the boys mummy Barbies!
What is your most unusual homeschooling repurposing find or bargaining find???  Leave me a comment!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice! Super curious as to what dollar store chain this came from! I'd love to find some sandpaper numbers!

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