Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lock and Lock Containers and an Organized Plastics Drawer!!!

Yes, I can say it, I HATE my "Tupperware" cabinet.  It is the cabinet that everything gets thrown into and tumbles out as soon as I open the door! I avoid it!!!   I clean it, and it is messy less than a month later!  Containers that don't stack and don't even start me on lids!!!  My pet peeve...I can NEVER find the lid for the plastic storage bowel that I am wanting to use!  UGH!!!!
I found the perfect solution!  LOCK AND LOCK!!!  I'm telling you.....won-der-ful!!!
Okay, bravely, I will post a before picture.  In my defense of this MESS...I have three boys and a husband that has no idea HOW to put anything away correctly!  (and totally ALL their fault, right!!!  ;)  )  Okay, ready??   
Yes, it is a mess, pure and simple!! I can not believe I am posting these pictures!!!!  The HORROR!!!!!
Part of my organization problem is that this is the cabinet that I store my mixer in....but it ends up holding other crap on top of it and beside it and around it. 

Yes, this is all that crap out on the floor!  I can expect that LOTS of those pieces do not have matching lids.  There has to be a better way. 

There is!!!!  These are my new Lock and Lock containers.  I got mine at QVC....I love QVC!  These containers are wonderful!

This is one set, it has three different sizes, two in each size.  The best part- all the lids match ALL the containers!  No more searching for a lid!  All the lids fit no matter which size I use!  LOVE this!!!  
The containers come in several colors.  I went with fun and bright!  Who doesn't like pink anyways!!!!

Same lid on the smallest size!

As pretty as the containers were all matchy matchy- it is more practical for me to store them per size.  I can easily grab out the size I need.  They stack nicely for easy storage!  The best thing is that these containers are rectangle.  Why are rectangle containers so good? 
They stack well, they store amazingly!  There is no wasted space with the rectangle designs.  Image a large dinner with lots of left overs.  Now you have to put those containers in your fridge.  Round bowels waste space especially is you have a side by side fridge!  The rectangle containers and be place side by side and don't waste any space!  
Now I have NO problems showing the AFTER photo!!  How pretty!  I love these containers!!
I am still storing my mixer in the cabinet but I have a lot more room!!!  I didn't throw out my round containers- I am saving them to repurpose them!  With the boys homeschooling, I know we can find uses for them!!! 

I kept two of my biggest round containers- they are storing my little stuff in the drawer- these are all my school lunch making stuff, easily contained and easy to find.  The biggest round container is holding the lids for my Lock and Lock containers.  Just in case I need a BIG BIG BIG container.  I still have one and I store its lid right underneath it. 
I don't have any affiliation with Lock and Lock or QVC but I do LOVE them both!!!  Are you looking to organize your plastics drawer?  Head over to QVC!!!!  Also- Lock and Lock carries rectangle pitchers.  I love these too!  I can fit three of the biggest size in my side by side and milk, and juice and another beverage.  I could NEVER fit three round containers of tea in my fridge at one time! 
Hope this helps!!
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  1. Nice I love the colors. I store my tupperware with the lid but then I only use the front row and I have no idea what is behind it. LOL


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