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Decorating your planner- Erin Condren's teacher's planner review Using Stamps and Washi tape!

Are you in love with your planner??? Do you use a planner?  With three kids and two companies, I have to stay organized!! I have to say that I use my iphone calendar for a lot of my meetings/appointments/ and kids activities.  When the recent iphone update came out, I foolishly updated my phone and the calendar changed.  I have to say, I HATE the updated version!!!  I looked long and hard for a new calendar app that I liked.  I did find Awesome Calendar that I like, that works close to how the old calendar worked before the update.  I was pretty happy. 
Recently, I decided to homeschool my two youngest- I needed a planner.  A teacher's planner for a lessons, tracking, and planning.  My friend, Jennifer at had told me about the Erin Condren planner that she got for Christmas.  I checked out the website, and low and behold...they carry the BEST teacher planners!!!  I was in organizing heaven!!  I ordered my planner right away!!!
Even the box that the planner came in is pretty!!!  
This is the design that I chose for my planner.  There are many colors and patterns to chose from on the website. That was part of the problem- so many pretty ones! I loved the brown with the chevron pattern on it.  Still bright and cheery but not to girly-girl!  Perfect!!!  

Every planner can be customized- I added our homeschool name and my two homeschoolers to the front of the planner!  This is the record of everything we do!!!  Our goals, resources, lists, my plan, results.....everything!
My planner came with a movable ruler.  One thing I really like about this planner is the metal spring coil binding- it is very durable.  
I ordered the pens for my planner as well.  I love the colors and that I can write in different inks for different things, or just to keep it looking pretty!  :)

This is the lesson part of the planner- where I record what we do each day for each child.  I used one page for each child with it divided into days.  I made an addition column on the side for reflections this week.  This could be fun activities, science projects, research projects or goals for next week!  I made the column using some of my washi tape.  Since we experienced snow in North Carolina this week- I had to use my snowflake washi tape!

As a scrapbooker and card maker- I was very excited for another reason to use my stamps!!!  Stamps are a GREAT tool to use in you planner!  They add a pop of fun and don't add any bulk to your planner!  Get those stamps out!!!!  
I have all kinds of washi tape....I loved the inspirational quotes washi- I had to add it to my planner for this week!

I think this summed up our goal for homeschooling best!
I love this teacher's planner for the lesson part but it also has a conventional calendar for me to use!  I started working on February right away!

Stamps, stamps, and more stamps!!  Throw some washi in too and I am a happy person!!!
Using more stamps!  I love the foxy stamp!!!
I used a number stamp set in my book as well!  

I even used stamps to decorate the bottom of my pages as well!  February is love month after all!!!

This is next week's lesson pages.  I used some very thin washi to divide my pages up!  

Since this is my lesson plan area and I really need room to write- I won't add any stamps until the end of the week to see what room I have left. Another idea is to use light inks so that my writing still shows on top of it!
This shows the backside to my ruler- it makes it easy to flip right to my spot. 
I am loving this planner.  If you don't need a teacher's planner, they carry regular planners as well that are just as wonderful!  The website has videos showing the inside of all the products they carry.  Be sure to click on the videos to see them in more detail!
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  1. My homeschooling friends will love this.

  2. Great idea! I used to teach school and don't know why I didn't think of it year I may switch to this kind of planner and have a little more room to write and play. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).

  4. wow, thank you so much for your thoughtful review on our Lesson Planners. we love to hear the feedback and really appreciate your support!

    -Erin & the EC media team


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