Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sewing on Cards or Scrapbooks with the Janome Sew Mini Machine

A new year, a new SHOCKING me!!!  Yes, that is a sewing machine, in MY house!!!  It is the Janome Sew Mini. 
I love the look of sewing on cards and scrapbook pages, but I have ZERO sewing ability!  Seriously....ZERO knowledge.  In researching and asking on forums, I found the Janome Sew Mini was a pretty basic simple machine.  Well, sign me up!  But wait, I still had no idea where to start or how to start.  Literally my skills ended at taking the machine out of the box!
I found some tutorials on Youtube from Gina K- that went step by step- from taking the machine out of the box to sewing on a card.  I watched several times.  It didn't look that hard.  It kinda looked.....dare I say, easy???
So, the first thing I did was buy the Janome Sew Mini machine.  I bought mine on Amazon.  Okay, machine bought.  With Amazon prime, my machine arrived VERY quickly!  Okay, if I didn't start at some point, I never would.  So I took the machine out of the box, set it on the table with my laptop- and started to rewatch the tutorials again, step by step, I watched, and then tried to follow the directions.  I had to pause and give myself time to do the steps, had to replay a couple parts of the video until I understood it completely.  But I was able to do it, She went slow enough, clear enough, good directions....I threaded my machine!!!!!  Yes!!!!  Mini celebration!!!!
The next step was to watch the tutorial number 4 and start sewing on a card.  I didn't expect perfection.  I just wanted stitches on paper.  Playing, getting used to sewing.  Keep in mind, I have NEVER sewed so everything was a first. 
This was my first test run sheet.  I used a piece of basic black cardstock so my white stitches showed up on it well. The thread came from a sewing kit that my mom bought me for my first Christmas after I got married.  I guess she thought I was married now, so I would sew.  Weird logic to me!!!!  LOL!!  I had to dig the kit out of the back of a closet and  dusty it off.  But the kit did have white thread in it.  If you don't have any thread, order some when you buy your machine.  White and black work well for beginners and can be used on a lot of projects!
I wanted to see the different stitches the machine offered.  Play with locking my stitches.  Oh, the errors are many....but do you SEE.....I actually sewed!!!!  There are stitches on paper!!!  Goal accomplished!!!!
I had to rethread my machine a couple times, see where one line, I had no thread....yup, it happened.  But I do have to say, I am good at threading the machine now!  I am sure, with practice, those errors will lesson.  I will get better.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

My next step was to try and sew around an edge, like I would sew around an edge of a card.  As you can see, I made errors, I wasn't good, but it is passable....kinda like sewing!  I forgot to change the stitch type so the first half was a straight stitch.  I didn't want this because it can just cause the paper to rip perforate.  I changed it.  And stitched on!

Here is the front of the layers.  Not perfect but I accomplished my goal!  Sewing on a card!!!  I am super excited to play and practice more.  I think until I get better, I am going to do my sewing FIRST in case I mess up, my whole paper project won't be messed up!

Here are the tutorials that helped me:  (Part 1- setting up the machine) (Part 2- Threading the bobbin and machine) (Part 4- sewing around the edges)
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Items Used on this project: 
I had to include a picture of all my mess up threads!!! 
Thanks for stopping by!  Off to practice sewing!!!


  1. That looks great! I love sewing on my projects, but I don't get it done very often.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I've been thinking of getting a mini machine myself

  3. Michelle, I think you have done a great job for your first project, But if you use fabric you might find it easier to sew and learn with your machine, then go onto card stock!!
    Keep on practiceing and you will get there.


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