Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Madness!!!!

It is Christmas Madness I tell ya~!!!!
I haven't blog in a little bit because like many of you, I am covered up in the craziness called Christmas!!! I am still not done shopping- can you believe that!!!  I am normally done by now.  Nope, still have more to do.  My middle son's birthday is tomorrow so I have that to do as well.  (at least I have bought his gifts!!! and wrapped them!!). 
So much to get done!  So little time.  I have been crafting as well.  I did a craft show two weekends ago.  It went well.  At the craft show, I got some orders for Advent Calendars- 6 of them!!!  Way to go me....BUT....more crafting to do!  I am done with them now.  I am focusing on shopping and wrapping and cooking now!  I promise I will have more projects up soon.  And I will share some of my calendars too!  So fun to make and each one is different! 
What is your holiday craziness?  Done shopping?  Wrapping?  Cooking?

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