Monday, December 30, 2013

Brother Scan N Cut Quick Review and a sneak peek at the Spring Occasions Catalog from Stampin' Up

Santa was good to me!!!  He brought me a Brother Scan N Cut machine.  I am thrilled to try out this machine.  I have a cricut that I have invested a lot of money in carts for it.  I like my cricut but I do have to say, I don't use it much.  I am always glad when I get it off the shelf that I have it. And I do have a very big variety of carts to choose from.  But it is heavy- I have the expression, and time consuming to find the cart I need.  So, I don't use it that much.
I also have a Big Shot and a Big Shot Pro.  I love both machines but due to the way my craft items are stored, there is no permanent place for the Big Shot Pro so it RARELY if EVER comes off the shelf....WAY to heavy to lift back and forth. (44 pounds!!!)  I use my Big Shot on nearly every project I do.  I don't believe this Scan n Cut will replace any of my machines, but that's not why I bought it.  I bought it for the simple Scan to Cut feature.  Yes, I am Michelle, and I HATE fussy cutting!!!!  There I said it!!!  I never like any stamps that I have to fussy cut myself.  I don't like the way it looks. But  I want to fussy cut out my stamps out!  I love framelits!  I have tons of framelits.  But I am limited to only those framelits that have matching stamps.  What about the stamp sets  that don't have matching framelits?    And this is why I bought the machine!!!  (yes, the machine can do more!!!)
I will say that ease of use for any machine is a must for me!  I don't want to dig out my computer to cut an image, I don't want to turn it into a different file to cut.  That's to much like work for me.  I want to sit down and craft.  So....within 8 minutes....yes 8 minutes...and that included taking it out of the box...I was cutting a stamped image!!!!

I used a scrap piece of Whispering White card stock to stamp some images on, and to see how easy it was to cut out.....without reading directions!!!!!
8 minutes!!!!  
I cut these cute little guys out- these are from a stamp set coming up in the Spring Occasions catalog from Stampin' Up.  I Loved this set!!!  This was basic stamping....just Basic Black ink on WW cardstock.  (I'll try some colored images soon!)

For the fox- I use 0 margins.  It did a good job cutting even on the small legs.  I like a margin around my cut items but this would be good if you need 0 margins. 

For the bunny, I used the lowest margin setting- and it gave me a nice border on the bunny.  This would probably be the setting I use the most.  It is super easy to set and change so no problems there. 

I used the same setting to cut out the raccoon....isn't he adorable!!!!???
Overall, this is an easy machine to use.  Very user friendly.  I didn't read directions to do this.  A++ in my book.  There are a lot more features the machine can do- so be on the look out for more posts to come! 
If this was all this machine could do...I would be thrilled.  There is more that I need to learn...and maybe read the directions on!!!  LOL!!! 
For me, this is really going to get the use out of all my stamp sets that I hoard, collect!!!  I can use them more and make my own embellishments with them.  This is really get the use out of my stamps especially in scrapbooking!!!!  I won't  need to buy a sticker package ever  again!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment- what was your favorite Christmas gift this year??

This post was edited to link to the newer version of the Scan N Cut.
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  1. How would you compare it to the silhouette as price point,ease of use and so on? I have been wanting a silhouette for some time now. I like the silhouette because you do not have to spend tons on the carts and more importantly (for me) find a place to store them

    1. I don't have a silhouette and have never played with one. But it does not need carts, it does have a craft room and has a USB port to use your computer with it. It doesn't need a computer to work but you can use one.

    2. Michelle are you sure you can connect this to a computer? I thought the USB thingy was to save files to a USB key and to convert svg files to Brothers format. Is this true?

  2. So stinkin' cute. Those animals are darling.

  3. Fun! Looks like a great machine. Can't wait to see you put it to more use.

  4. Great..... Now I NEED this! I don't mind fussy cutting but WOW! Perfect everytime!!!!

  5. Going to check the stats on this machine, but I am seeing that the 0 margin is not completely margin free - you still have to fussy cut. I'm rather picky .... no white margin when I want no white around image!!

    1. I need to play with it on other images as well. I like a margin so this isn't an issue for me, but it may depend on the stamped item as well.

  6. Wow...thats perfect for the non-fussy cutters!
    Hmmm I wonder if this might come my way or my birthday..hehe

  7. Thanks "Lil' Miss Enabler" - I just placed an order for this! Up until NOW, my favorite Christmas present this year was my Hello Kitty sewing machine. But, I do believe that this will be my favorite! ; ) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    1. LMAO!!! I swear I just blew water all over my computer!!!! HAPPY to enable!!!! :)


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