Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stampin' Up Rev Up the Fun Card set and card box using the Envelope Punch Board

Yes, another envelope punch board project!  I just can't get enough of the envelope punch board.  For this project, I used the envelope punch board to create a little card box.  How cute is that???  I got the directions of how to "punch" out this box from youtube- there are several videos available.  Very simple and easy!  You will need the envelope punch board, cardstock or DSP of your choice , paper snips, and sticky strip! (you can use any embellishments you like to decorate the belly band on the box!  Get creative!!!) I will give you some quick directions on how I made the card box, if you get stuck, check out youtube!!!!

Card box:
Start with a 9X9 piece of cardstock or DSP of your choice
You want to line up the edge of your paper at the 31/2" mark, punch and score in the score groove (this will be out from the punched part).  Move your paper over to the 41/2" mark- punch and score in the score groove again.
Flip your paper around and do the same thing on the opposite side.
Then Turn your paper in ONE direction (to the other side that has not been punched or scored yet)
Now you line up your punch tab (the little arrow on the board) with your first SCORE line from across the page.....then punch and score from there.  Two the next score line on this side the same way.  (you are using the score lines you made during the first punch and score part as your guide not the ruler part)
Flip your paper around and do the same thing on the other side.
Then I take my scoring tool and make all the scores crisp with it, and you should see the box now and put it together using sticky tape on your bottom flap.  I put no sticky tape anywhere else- the belly band holds the box shut.
I will do another box soon and show you step by step pictures!!!  Hope the directions help but if not, please check out youtube.  This was not my original idea and several people have great instructions out there for it!!!  

This box holds four cards with envelopes.  My cards were not heavily embellished so keep that in mind when you make your card box. 
Here are the cards that I made to go with this set.  I used the retired DSP World Spectacular.  I made this set for an upcoming school project at my sons' school.  This card box set is a boy themed birthday card set.  

This was my favorite card of the set.  I always tend to like  lighter bases for my cards better.  I used a Happy Birthday sentiment to create the background for this card.

Aren't they cute?!!!!  All dark based cards are lined with very vanilla cardstock and stamped with a Happy Birthday sentiment.

All cards are stamped with my custom Stampin' Up stamp!!!  I LOVE these!!!  This one has my name and Stampin' Up! Demo plus my website on it!  I have other ones, you can put anything on a custom stamp (as long as they fit in the line spaces!).  Contact me if you are interested in ordering a custom stamp, they are only available through a demo.

Custom stamps are great for return addresses or a Hand Stamped by, or anything else you can think of!!! 

All current items are available through my website 24/7:

Items used on this project:


  1. Great job on the box and of course the cards!

  2. What a cute project! Thanks for sharing your ideas. They inspire me.


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